Meet the adorable dog who smiles every time he is given food

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It’s important to take pleasure in the simple things in life, so we should all learn from Uni, a cute puppy from Japan who smiles, dances and backpedals every time he is presented with food. If only we could all be this delighted at every mealtime.

Uni is a Mame Shiba Inu, a miniature hunting dog breed native to Japan, and he’s clearly happiest when he’s successfully hunted down food. As you’ll see from his Instagram account, this little guy has the widest and cutest grin when shown anything from noodles, bubble tea to smoothies, but apparently the food that puts the biggest smile on his face is potato sticks.

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With research recently released proving that watching videos of cute animals is a great way to remove stress, you can justify joining Uni’s 113,000 followers on Instagram to any nay-sayers by explaining you are watching his adorable antics as a way of combatting high blood pressure!

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It’s not just back-pedalling that Uni excels at, his owners have taught him a spinning move to celebrate when he’s finally allowed to get his food, suggesting there is likely to be more pre-food tricks to come:

And it’s not just his mealtime adventures that’ll be providing stress-busting browsing, as Uni’s owner delights in dressing up this patient pooch in various costumes, and treats him to some of the cutest toys money can buy.

No wonder Uni has taken Instagram by storm, and it’s likely his pre-meal and dance routine is going to get ever more complicated as his celebrity increases. Which should bring a smile to your face too.

Before you try and cheer your dog up with some of your dinner however, be sure to read our vet's guide to human foods that dogs can eat to ensure you treat them safely.

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