Pet Tech Week day four: Pet Tech for tracking

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Pet trackers can be a real investment when it comes to both pet safety and your own mental well-being. They’re perfect for cats who like to wander, or disappear for days on end, and dogs who like to sprint off and do their own thing when they feel like it.

There’s very often a secondary benefit offered by pet trackers too, they can act as fitbits for pets supplying data on how active your dog and how much your cat moves around (when he’s not spending the standard 15 hours a day asleep).

Very often these trackers use GPS technology to monitor location and movement but there are some more simple models that use radio frequencies to help locate missing pets. 

Take a look at our guide to the best pet trackers or the in-depth reviews of the Pawfit 2 tracker and the Tractive Cat Tracker for more info on what these great little gadgets can do.


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