Praise, treats and this simple tip from an expert trainer will dramatically improve your dog's behavior

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Struggling to figure out how to deal with a badly behaved dog? If so, you're not alone. 

Whether it's a pup that constantly jumps up on visitors when they enter the home or a canine that barks every time another dog goes by, many pet parents are confused over the best way to resolve behavioral issues with their fur friend.

However, according to expert trainer Adam Spivey, it's highly unlikely your dog is deliberately trying to be naughty.

"Most dogs don't know what they should be doing in the first place," explains Spivey in a recent Instagram video. 

So, how do you get your pup to understand what's expected of them? Read on as Spivey reveals all...

In the clip above, Spivey says that one of the most important pieces of equipment you can own if you want an obedient dog is a clicker. 

"What you do with a clicker is that every single time your dog does something you like or ask, you click and give them a reward," explains Spivey.

"Whether that's a treat, whether that's some of their dinner, whether that's a fuss, just give them something."

Spivey says that all dogs offer loads of good behaviors throughout the day, but as owners, we often ignore those and focus on the things they're doing that we don't like.

Instead of doing that, you want to really zone in on what your dog is doing well and reward that heavily.

"If your dog comes over to you and instead of jumping up they sit there, click and reward the dog. 

"If your dog lays down peacefully by itself instead of getting up to no good, click and reward the dog.

"Very quickly, your dog will start offering you these behaviors because the dog learns that it pays," explains Spivey.

A clicker has a distinctive sound that will clearly let your dog know that it's doing something right and a reward is coming.

So, if you're wanting to improve your dog's behavior and encourage them to become more obedient, grab yourself one of these handy little tools, a packet of the best dog treats, and get clicking!

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