Pregnant rescue dog's maternity photoshoot moves netizens to tears

Pregnant rescue dog's maternity photoshoot
(Image credit: @gatewaypetguardians/TikTok)

A pregnant rescue dog’s maternity photoshoot has gone viral after the pup's well deserved pampering session was shared by the wonderful team at Gateway Pet Guardians.

Leaders in the animal welfare industry, Gateway Pet Guardians are working tirelessly to end the cycle of animal homelessness and ensuring that those who do end up in their care are spoiled with love until they’re able to find a forever home.

Skittles the Pit Bull is the latest recipient of this love, having been found as a stray and bought into the shelter. In a TikTok video that has received hundreds of thousands of views, the team shares what Skittles was like when they first met her.

“She was a little nervous when she first got to our shelter,” the video caption explains, “but once she got the chance to cuddle, she couldn’t contain her love.” Just looking at her, they quickly realized that Skittles was most likely pregnant and an x-ray soon confirmed that she was carrying eight puppies.


♬ Can't Help Falling in Love - Haley Reinhart

And what does every mama-to-be need? Why a maternity photoshoot of course! Wrapping Skittles in red tuile, the team went about capturing these last precious days of her pregnancy, explaining to the many netizens keen to give Skittles and her pups a home that the puppies are due any day now.

TikTokers have been commenting in their thousands after watching the sweet clip with one user writing, “Gosh she has the most beautiful spirit just exuding from her. I don’t know what it is but I’m in tears,” while another wrote “She’s gonna be such a good momma! Thank you for saving this beautiful soul.”

Skittles must have enjoyed all that pampering she got on her photoshoot too, because she only lasted a few moments before all that gentle attention sent her off to dreamland. “You deserve your rest momma,” the closing caption reads.” We can’t wait to see you be the best Mom!” 

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