Rescue dog stood up at his adoption party finds forever home

Luke the rescue dog stood up at his adoption party
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A rescue dog stood up at his adoption party on Valentine’s Day has finally found a forever home after spending 225 days living at the Battersea Brands Hatch shelter in Kent, England.

The heartbreaking story of unlucky in love Luke was brought to the world’s attention a month ago when he made headlines for getting stood up at a Valentine's Day-themed party that staff at the shelter threw him in the hopes he’d finally be adopted.

A photo of Luke looking perfectly groomed and sporting a ‘free kisses’ bandana around his neck brought tears to everyone’s eyes when it was revealed that the party boy ended up entertaining not a single guest. 

But, this is one story that has a happy ending. When news of the pup’s bad luck started spreading, Battersea Brands Hatch became inundated with gifts and letters for Luke from people all around the globe who wanted to give him the loving home he deserved. 

And that’s exactly what Luke has now found, thanks to the Kendrick family who live in Derbyshire. Karl and Jill Kendrick and their two daughters have proven to be the perfect family for Luke, who several weeks after moving in, is thriving.

"How Luke stayed in the care of Battersea for so long is a mystery to me, any new owner would have been lucky to rehome him. Since we've brought him home, he's shown himself to be the perfect dog and has really settled in so quickly — we already love him so much and wouldn't change him for the world," Karl Kendrick said when asked about welcoming Luke into the family.

Michelle Bevan, a center manager at Battersea Brands Hatch says that Luke really captured a special place in people’s hearts. "Over the years, we've seen many of our dogs appear in the news, but we've never seen any of our animals capture as many hearts across the world as Luke did. From receiving love letters, to gifts in the post, it's clear to see that thousands of people fell in love with this very special boy.”

While competition to offer Luke a home became fierce after news spread that he’d been stood up at his adoption party, the Kendricks feel blessed that Battersea Brands Hatch felt that they were the best fit.

"We feel so lucky to be the family who gives Luke his forever home, and he has really made our family unit complete. He'll never spend Valentine's Day alone again," Karl Kendricks says.

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