Watch: Sad Bulldog Becca finds forever home after heartbreaking video goes viral

sad bulldog gets adopted
(Image credit: Instagram / @rescuecity)

This sad Bulldog had every reason to look forlorn. Slumped on the floor, her chin and belly resting on the ground, she could only watch as puppies were being adopted, knowing she was being left behind.

Her expression was captured in a video posted on Instagram by the non-profit organization Rescue City, a shelter based in New York. It promptly went viral after tugging on the heartstrings of viewers across the world.

In the post, which revealed the adorable dog was nine-years-old, weighing 68 pounds, the shelter wrote, “Becca is searching for her forever home and she is an absolute dreamboat of a senior Bulldog.” 

It also said, “She is a true gem who just wants you to know she loves you, and feel the same in return.”

Yet it was not the first time that Becca had appeared in Rescue City's Instagram feed. Staff had urged someone to adopt her numerous times and, in a bid to catch people's attention, a pet portrait artist at Stellar Villa Pets even got to work on an adorable drawing of her. 

Trouble is, it's often difficult to find older dogs a new home. Most people tend to take on puppies rather than seniors and that leaves lots of dogs, like Becca, in a heartbreaking situation. In this instance, Becca had been with Rescue City since Christmas and the shelter said she'd blossomed in her foster home.

But there's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing an older dog permanently housed which is why Becca's growing number of fans were overjoyed to learn that the video worked its magic and she finally found her forever family.

“Catch her making new friends in her neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn,” a much-awaited post announced, prompting an outpouring of emotion. “This just made my day! Way to go Becca,” wrote one, encapsulating the feelings of many.

David Crookes

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