Romanian rescue reunited with long-lost sister in tear jerking viral clip

Two dogs run on a beach together
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A heartwarming video of two rescue dogs being reunited has been doing the rounds on Tik Tok and pulling at our heart strings. User mei_the_puppy shared the touching video of her Romanian rescue, Mei, reuniting with her canine sister a week ago and has since shared more videos of the two dogs enjoying their new life together in their forever home. 

After being separated for weeks, Mei's owner finally managed to get her littermate, Luna, transported from Romania as well and shares the moment they see each other again with the world on TikTok. 17.5 thousand likes and over 250 comments agree: it's a  beautiful sight. 

People watching the video commended the owner for bringing the two back together in their new home in Sweden. "Bless u for bringing them together again," says user Josse.Yoda. "Thank you for making two precious souls happy and safe," agrees another user, MadzTale. 


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The video starts with Mei watching, ears pricked as another dog is led into her space, and then we see Mei straining at her lead as she sees her sister "for the first time in weeks". The sisters have similar coat and facial markings, although Luna is a slightly redder shade than Mei, who is more yellow. 

After a couple of moments of nervous tail wagging you can see the recognition as Luna sniffs her sister's face as if to say "hello, it's me!". 


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A later TikTok video shared by their owner (above) shows Luna and Mei playing happily together in a field of autumn leaves, walking side by side on leash and snuggling together on the sofa. They truly seem happy to be reunited, with one commenter, Gillian Murphy, observing "this is the perfect happy ending," which it really does seem to be. 

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