Rottweiler and kitten melts hearts in sweet viral video: 'Great babysitter'

rottweiler and kitten
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A heartwarming video showing a babysitting Rottweiler and kitten sharing a tender moment has melted hearts everywhere. 

“Rottweilers are vicious?" the caption to the video, captured and shared by TikTok user Marie Parkinson (mree1972) questions. "I don’t think so, mine is so soft.”

The adorable footage sees the large pooch pick the kitten up from the arm of the sofa and carry the little bundle to the seat of the couch, where she carefully groomed the tiny fuzzball - all under the watchful eye of the kitten’s mom!

Viewed more than ten million times and liked over 1.6 million times, it’s clear that this pooch has become a social media star.


rottweilers are vicious, I don't think so mine Is so soft xx

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The majority of the 16,000 comments were positive, with many offering reassurance to any users who showed concern for the cat’s wellbeing. 

User Holly Alliance said “If mama cat was in the slightest bit worried, she would have been immediately throwing paws. She knows Rottie is a great babysitter”.

Whereas other TikTok users supplied a host of their own amusing captions such as Pattie Sidlick’s “Mom!! Uncle says it’s bath time - help!” and Madavee who shared “Kitten: oh dear god, this is the end. Rottie: I’m gonna love him, and hold him, and squeeze him”.

Many more championed the breed, explaining how Rottweilers are commonly misunderstood animals and that they are generally big softies deep down.

Male Rottweilers traditionally stand as tall as 27in at the shoulder. Believed to be descendants of ancient Roman herding dogs, they were often used to both herd livestock and show their strength by marching alongside the military. 

They also were commonly tasked with guarding the army’s money, which was kept safe in a bag that was tied around the pooches necks! It’s this very guard dog trait that has seen the breed adopt the reputation of being very aggressive attack dogs. 

However, this isn’t always the case and so is very much an inaccurate representation of Rottweilers.

A well-bred and trained Rottweiler can be calm and confident despite their potential to show territorial behavior.

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