Rowdy the cat found three weeks after going missing at airport

rowdy the cat
(Image credit: Reddit / @cherry_baseball)

Losing a pet at the airport could be considered every owner's worst nightmare, but that's exactly what happened with Rowdy the cat, who went under the radar after escaping from her cage upon arrival at Boston International Airport.

Having flown over from Germany to settle in the US, Rowdy’s owner, Patty Sahli, kept everyone updated via Facebook and Reddit, all the while Rowdy continued to evade capture, despite frequently being spotted.

Airline staff kept up attempts to retrieve Rowdy with the assistance of cameras and safe-release animal traps. Patty even provided the airport with some of Rowdy’s favorite treats in order to assist the rescue process.

rowdy the cat

(Image credit: Reddit / @cherry_baseball)

Ultimately, however, Rowdy was successfully recaptured on Wednesday July 13 – exactly 19 days after first going missing.

“True to her name, this frisky feline escaped her kitty kennel upon her Lufthansa flight’s arrival on June 24 and had been roaming the airport ever since. Whether out of fatigue or hunger we’ll never know, but this morning she finally let herself be caught,” said Massport, the agency that operates the airport.

Patty was unsurprisingly delighted to have Rowdy back. “It's just a big relief,” she said. “It's kind of unbelievable.”

Michael DeFina, a spokesman for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, was quick to commend the airport staff for their actions. “They really took the right steps to place certain items that would be familiar to Rowdy the cat, the food that she likes. They were in constant contact with the family.”

Cats are resourceful animals, more than capable of hunting their own food in most circumstances, but it can’t have been a fun experience for Rowdy, being away from her home and family for so long, and in such a busy and unfamiliar environment. Thankfully, she’s back with her family now, with Patty reporting positively on her progress.

“She's very hungry but she's doing well," she said.

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