Saving Senior Dogs Week helps Rex the Pekingese find a new home

Saving Senior Dogs Week Ambassadog Rex the Pekingese
(Image credit: @Marty'sPlaceSeniorDogSanctuary/Facebook)

It’s a sad fact that to some people, elderly pets are an inconvenience, with many being abandoned or disposed of in what are supposed to be their twilight years. With this in mind, the impending arrival of Saving Senior Dogs Week couldn’t be more timely. 

Taking place from October 25-31, and presented by Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary in Petaluma, CA, it looks to raise awareness of the issues faced by senior dogs across the United States, as well as promoting the virtues of adopting them.

As part of Saving Senior Dogs Week, a number of instances where the adoption of senior dogs has ended up enriching the lives of their owners are promoted. One that immediately springs to mind is the case of Rex, a 14-year-old Pekingese mix who was found wandering the streets of New York after her former owners had abandoned him simply for being too old. 

Happily, he quickly found a new home thanks to Maria Buck, who adopted Rex, having initially intended to foster. While Rex has his share of health issues – mild allergies, hearing loss, and missing teeth – he still gets plenty of pleasure from life, and clearly brings plenty to Maria.

“I think about maybe what his life was before I found him, and just the gratitude I feel that I get to see him through,” she said to Today.  

On the virtues of adopting senior dogs, she adds, “Every ounce of love you give them, you get back tenfold. Knowing you’re making an impact in a senior’s last years is just an incredible privilege.”

To find out more about Saving Senior Dogs Week, visit their website. 75% of funds raised during this time go directly towards funding senior dog rescues, with the remainder going towards medical and other supplies used by senior dogs.

Steve Wright

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