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Pixel the smiling cat is winning hearts with his goofy grin

Pixel the smiling cat in a box
(Image credit: pixelandsophie/Instagram)

At first glance, Pixel the smiling cat looks like your ordinary Cornish Rex, but take a second look and you’ll soon notice his strikingly sparkly and goofy grin which is winning him fans around the world.

Almost three-years-old, Pixel has the same unusual appearance and quirky personality that the Cornish Rex is famed for, but alongside all his lovable characteristics, it’s his toothy grin that’s making him standout from the crowd.

“He was around a year old when I noticed that he seemed to be more expressive than my other cats,” says Pixel’s owner Alyson Kalhagen. “He always made funny faces when I would try to dangle toys and things to get photos of him, so after a bit I figured I may as well start taking pics of his funny smile.”

It wasn’t long before Pixel and his sister Sophie became Instagram stars, with the duo already boasting a cool 56,000 followers. Pixel, who will happily say cheese when Kalhagen asks him to, loves posing in a range of cute and colorful outfits and has a particular fondness for wearing feline sunglasses.

While Kalhagen says most of the feedback she receives about Pixel is overwhelmingly positive, she admits some people aren’t so keen on the little Cornish Rex. “Some people do say that they find him a bit scary or creepy, some even say he’s so ugly he’s cute,” she explains. 

But while he may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Pixel is proving to be a role model when it comes to spreading a message of the importance of embracing our uniqueness. And one thing’s for certain, those who love him get a daily dose of joy when they see his latest photo pop up on their feed.

“It makes my day to be able to share his happy face with so many, and I hope that we are able to bring those who see him a smile of their own,” says Kalhagen.

Kathryn Rosenberg

Kathryn is a freelance writer with a passion for creating health and wellness, travel and wildlife content. Originally from New Zealand, her nomadic lifestyle has her currently fur baby-less. She scratches her pet parent itch by stealing frequent cuddles with any neighbourhood cat kind enough to indulge her.