Starbucks' pet bandanas might just be on the way

starbucks pet bandanas
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It's no secret that the Puppucino is pretty popular in the pets world, but now Starbucks' pet bandanas might just be on the cards.

One of the world's biggest coffee chains recently registered a new trademark for its whipped cream dog treat, and it comes with an interesting inclusion for Starbucks pet bandanas.

Currently, the Puppucino is only available as a (not so) secret menu item for free and isn't included on the main Starbucks menu. To order, pet owners must turn up in person, either through a drive-thru or to a coffee shop location, and ask for it by name, or simply ask for some whipped cream in a cup for their pooch. 

There's presently no merchandise surrounding the concept available, although many unofficial shops on Etsy have sold Starbucks related bandanas online.

Fans of the coffee chain are sure to speculate about what the recent registration of this trademark means, but many pet owners will hope that the Puppucino is officially added to the menu since this would allow the delicious dog treat to be ordered via app or through a delivery service.

The trademark application lists two categories: whipped cream and pet bandanas.

While Starbucks have not provided any specific information at this time, the trademark suggests that the company could use the popular brand name to eventually sell pet apparel.

The coffee chain have formerly released an official line of mugs, drinkware and machines for human coffee lovers using the Starbucks name. With so many pets enjoying their Puppucino across social media, it could be fitting for our furry friends to be kitted out with their very own Starbucks' pet bandanas too.

Watch this space...

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