Trainer reveals how to get your dog to bring you his leash, and it's pretty easy

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Teaching your dog to do various things can make life a lot easier, and impress your friends and family too! Some dog parents train their pups to fetch their slippers, while others can even train theirs to be some of the best service dogs around.

But what about training your dog to bring you their leash? According to expert trainer Zak George, it’s a surprisingly easy trick for dogs to learn, particularly if you’ve got some of the best dog treats with you! And he’s explained just how to do so in a new Instagram post. 

George begins by explaining that dogs don’t generalize the concept of bringing you their leash from bringing you something else very well. He says, “That’s why it’s really important to work with them on lots of different objects in different settings and environments and really do that a lot.”

Training dogs with treats can be very effective, and George tries to reward his dog Piper with treats in the video, something that he suggests should “change the dynamic” somewhat. As they play with the leash, and she has the desired amount of pressure on the leash, George interrupts play and rewards her with a treat. He then encourages her to bring the leash over to him, with plenty of praise when she does so. 

However, different dogs will master the skill at differing speeds. “Don’t be discouraged if your dog doesn’t pick it up quite as quick,” he explains – it’s something worth persevering with. 

When teaching this trick, it’s a good idea to teach your pup the word ‘leash’, too. You may want to try this a few times a day, making sure that your dog understands what to do when you say the word. However, if your dog isn’t familiar with the fetch command to begin with, it’s a good idea to go back to basics and work on this with them first. 

Teaching your dog to bring you their leash is a fun trick to try. But when you and your pup have mastered it, why not work on a new one, like one of these 32 quick and easy tricks to teach your dog?

Whether you’re training your dog to bring you their leash, or you’re working on another trick, remember that patience is key. Something that seems simple to humans could be confusing or more difficult to grasp for a dog, so you might have to dedicate some time to perfecting the trick. But it’ll be worth it once you can show your friends and relatives how clever your dog is – and your dog can grab their leash while you put your shoes on or grab your coat.

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