Trainer reveals how to get your dog to stop jumping — and it's just three steps!

Dog jumping up on owner at the beach
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Jumping is a behavior that we see in a lot of dogs — it’s to be expected, particularly when our pups are excited! 

Sometimes, you might not mind your dog jumping, but there can be occasions when jumping is annoying, or even dangerous. If your dog jumps up at people who come to the door, for example, they could cause injury if someone is older or more frail, or holding a small child. 

For this reason, it can be a good idea to teach your dog not to jump. It doesn’t have to be difficult to do so, either. All you need are some of the best dog treats.

The trainers at Happy Dogs Training, led by founder and owner Piper M Novick, have explained all you need to know in a recent Instagram video. Why not give their three simple steps a try?

“Jumping is a normal behavior, especially when your dog is excited! However, the behavior can be frustrating and bothersome, especially if your dog is muddy or dirty,” they explain. 

Thankfully, if you want to know how to stop a dog from jumping up, you’re in the right place! These three steps won’t take long to try, and you can practice them wherever (and whenever) you like.

1. Get the treats: Make sure you’ve got some treats ready, either in a treat pouch or in your pocket. They’ll come in very handy!

2. Turn away: The Happy Dogs Training team say, “Turn away from your dog and have the handful of treats ready in your fist at your side.”

3. Give your dog the treats: Dispense the treats to your dog when they’re at your side, and then release them. You can continue playing. 

Your dog might not learn straight away. Don’t lose heart if your dog doesn’t stop jumping altogether — it could take a bit of time. Just keep persevering and working on these three steps with your pup. You’ll get there!

Most dogs simply want to please their parents, and if they can’t do or have something — like jumping — they’ll eventually accept it. And, of course, throwing some tasty treats in the bargain certainly helps!

It’s a good idea to get other people involved, too. If your dog often jumps up at guests, or people on walks, ask them where possible to ignore your dog when they jump, rather than reinforce the jumping behavior with attention. As tricky as this might be, it’ll help in the longer term. 

If jumping is something you’re finding tricky to manage with your pup, this dog parent’s experience might prove insightful for you: I tried everything to get my dog to stop jumping up, here’s what actually worked.

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