Trainer shares a four ingredient supplement recipe to help boost your dog’s overall health

Dog eating fruit from person's hand
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Most dog owners want to ensure their dog is able to enjoy a diet brimming with wholesome nutrients. While we might have visions of our dogs devouring fruits and veggies with the enthusiasm of one of the best dog treats, the reality can be quite different. 

If you’ve ever sought to establish what human foods can dogs eat, then you will have found certain fruits, especially berries, make the cut. Blueberries are often recommended by vets for their antioxidant profile. 

However, getting your dog to eat and enjoy these healthy foods can be a whole other story. Some pups can be quite discerning when it comes to unfamiliar foods, even if those foods are incredibly beneficial.

One dog might wag their tail at the sight of a blueberry, while another might give it a polite sniff and walk away. Yet, the knowledge that certain fruits harbor health benefits for dogs is enough to explore other routes into enticing them. 

Enter Amelia Steele, a dedicated Dog Trainer and behaviorist whose dogs don’t enjoy eating berries whole, which led her to craft a four-ingredient supplement recipe that's both simple and packed with health-boosting potential.

"I’m starting with some melted coconut oil and I’m putting a little bit in each. There’s so much mixed information out there, I honestly don’t know if there are any benefits to coconut oil, but it does freshen their breath, so I like to add it anyway," she shares.

Steele's recipe combines both canine health and palatability. She begins by blending blueberries, renowned for their high antioxidant content and diverse vitamin profile. "Next is blackberries. These are also really high in antioxidants and they’ve been shown to reduce the risk of some types of cancer," Steele explains.

The process continues as she divides the mixture and adds yogurt to one portion. "Then I'm just pouring everything out into ice cube trays, this is just to make it easier to portion. And then after they’ve been in the freezer, you are left with these super cute supplements," Steele outlines.

So whether you're looking to enhance your dog's health or simply offer them a yummy treat that isn't store bought, Steele's berry based recipe is an easy one to try at home and one that hopefully has your dog's tail wagging.

Jessica Downey
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