Watch this Cane Corso protect his female owner in fierce viral video

Watch this Cane Corso protect his female owner from passenger seat of car
(Image credit: @scottskennel/TikTok)

You’re not going to want to miss watching this Cane Corso protect his female owner in a viral video that shows just how protective these awesome dogs can be of those they love.

Shared on TikTok earlier this month by @scottskennel, the 27 second clip captioned ‘Ladies need protection dogs too!!’ has attracted close to 18 million views and has captivated netizens, who have been commenting in their thousands.

Beginning with a shot of the Cane Corsos female owner standing near her car with phone in hand, the footage then swaps to her filming a staged scene in which a man attempts to approach her car.

Halfway through the footage, we see the Cane Corso sitting in the passenger side warily eyeing the approaching figure. When the man gets too close for the dog’s liking, he immediately springs into action, launching his head out the window and barking ferociously.


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We’re pretty sure the poor man approaching the car would have needed a towel to dry himself off with after the shoot as we’ve never seen so much doggy slobber flying about, something that TikTokers were quick to comment on.

“I love it. But fur baby need a napkin😂,” wrote one user, with another adding “Say it don’t spray it jeez 😳” Slobber aside, TikTokers have been expressing their awe at the dogs protective instincts with plenty praising her for looking out for her mama and others saying they want to pet her.

We’re not so sure on the petting front, but maybe you’re a lot braver than we are - take a look at the video and decide for yourself! 

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