“We want our dogs in the office!” Say 50% of remote workers in new poll

Female professionals using laptops while sitting with dog at desk in creative office
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They’ve brought joy to our locked-down lives this past year and helped make remote working that little bit easier, but as we get set to return to our workplaces, are dogs in the office a good idea? According to 45% of remote workers, the answer is a resounding yes!

In a recent survey conducted by PowWowNow, 1,500 professionals across a variety of industries who are currently working from home were asked what they thought about having dogs take up permanent residence in their workplaces. Almost half of those surveyed said they would be in favor of a policy that allowed dogs in the office. 

Research has long been showing that people with dogs have greater health, with a reduced risk of heart disease and greater longevity. "I think the data is pretty compelling that people with dogs have better health," says Dr. Thomas Lee, a cardiologist, and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

While owning a dog can benefit people’s physical and mental health, studies are also proving that dogs in the office boost creativity, productivity, and socialization amongst co-workers, and lower stress levels across teams. 

With the pandemic causing frantic Google searching of the best dog breeds for remote workers and a surge in puppy adoptions, many pet parents are reluctant to return to the workforce without their new furry friend, but not everyone is keen on seeing our workplaces overrun with canine companions. 

According to the poll, while 52% of women think dogs in the office is a great idea, only 37% of men would apply for a job with a company that allowed hounds and humans to mix. Across both genders, 18% of respondents cited the potential for distraction and decreased work output as the main reason for their reluctance. 

There was also a difference across industries, with those working in some sectors being keener than others. Professions highly in favor included:

  • Energy & Utilities (66%)
  • Environment & Agriculture (65%)
  • Law enforcement and security (64%)
  • Marketing, advertising, and PR (63%)
  • Hospitality & Events management (62%)

And those most against dogs in the office? The legal profession, with 55% of respondents saying they wouldn’t want a policy allowing dogs and desks to be a permanent pairing. 

But with a third of pet parents saying that having a dog in the office would make them happier, we have a feeling this debate is only just getting started. 

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