Woman marries cat to avoid eviction by landlord who wouldn't allow pets

woman marries cat to avoid eviction
(Image credit: Zenger News / YouTube)

A woman has married her cat in a bid to stop landlords from forcing her to give up her beloved pet.

Deborah Hodge, aged 49 and from Sidcup, UK, came upon a novel solution to the prospect of being evicted – and subsequently being forced to give up her cat, India – after losing her job as a life coach.

With India decked out in a gold lamé, and Deborah wearing a tuxedo, she tied the knot at a civil ceremony run by a legally ordained friend, and attended by friends and family.

Of India, Deborah told Zenger News: “She is fundamentally the most important thing in my life after my children.

“By marrying India, I need any future landlords to know that we come as a package and we cannot be separated under any circumstances as she is as important to me as the children.

“I refuse to be parted with her. I’d rather live on the streets than be without her.”

Sadly, Deborah’s actions have been borne out of traumatic earlier experiences. Previously, she had been forced to rehome her two huskies, Siri and Starshine, after being threatened with eviction. In her current home, she had also been forced to give up another cat, Jamal.

Speaking of the experience, Deborah said, “It absolutely broke my heart. Your pets become part of your family and it was just absolutely devastating having to say goodbye to them.”

It sounds like Deborah has been through a lot, and we genuinely hope that her plan is a successful one. No one should have to face the experience of having their beloved pet taken away from them, and we hope this is something she doesn’t have to go through again.

Steve Wright

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