Science reveals the top five words that dogs like best

A couple hugging a happy dog
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Which spoken words do dogs like the best? A new study has recently answered this question and revealed the top five words that our beloved dogs love and respond to the most., the fastest growing marketplace in the world, spent three months studying which words and phrases our four-legged friends love hearing the most. 

The team sought out 4,389 pet owners from up and down the UK before selecting 60 dogs of varying breeds, sizes, and ages. To find out what the pooches reacted to the most, their heart rate was monitored as each common word and phrase was mentioned. 

To ensure complete accuracy and determine a definite increase, each dog’s heart rate was measured against their resting heart rate of 115 beats per minute (BPM). found that ‘walkies’ was the top word dogs love to hear most, since it increased their heart rate by 36% to 156 BPM.

Following this - from second to fifth - were the words and phrases ‘dinner/food/eat’ at 152 BPM, ‘treat’ at 151 BPM, ‘get it’ at 150 BPM, and ‘fetch’ at 147 BPM. 

Other favourites in their list of 16 top words and phrases include ‘toy’, ‘paw’, and ‘shall we go home?’

‘I have two lovely Rottweilers and every time the word “walkies” is mentioned, it’s close to the reaction you’d get if England won the World Cup! My husband and I now have to spell out the word to each other’, explains pet-owner Nadia from Birmingham about her two pooches, Duke and Frank.

The study also found that the breeds who responded most excitedly to happy commands included French Bulldogs, Labrador Retrievers, and Dachshunds. 

Chloe Petrylak

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