Vet sparks debate with her list of five worst dog breeds she would not own

worst dog breeds according to vet Dr Terrell
(Image credit: TikTok / dr.terrellpetvet)

A veterinarian has listed five 'worst' dog breeds she wouldn't own – and the entries chosen may just surprise you. 

Dr Terrell took to TikTok to discuss the breeds, saying it was her opinion (“and my opinion only”) as well as stressing that it was purely for fun.

Posting under the account dr.terrellpetvet and taking part in the popular “five-things challenge”, she places hairless dogs at number five.

“The dogs themselves are fine,” she tells viewers. “I don't like hairless animals. They're zitty and greasy; same as cats.”


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She then swiftly moves on to Chihuahuas, describing them as “ankle biters” even though they have been crowned the most popular dog breed on Instagram.

“Not my cup of tea,” she adds. “Afraid they're going to get stepped on.” Adding that they're usually a one-person dog, she does say that same can be super sweet.

Brachycephalics came in at number three. This term refers to any breed with a flattened muzzle and they include Pugs, Shi Tzus, Bostons and more.

These dogs have long been controversial – French Bulldogs and Pugs face a UK ban over 'dangerous' over-breeding fears and it's well known that flat-faced breeds can have various health issues including eye and skin disease, obstructed breathing and spinal deformities.

“Some of them are so cute and so sweet but they can't breathe,” Dr Terrell says before listing other common ailments including their tendency to be gassy. “It's a no for me dog.”

At number two are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. “They have the potential to be really great dogs, good police dogs and good in rescue-type scenarios but 95 percent of the ones we see in clinic want to bite your face off because they are not properly trained,” she says.

German Shepherds are known for being good family dogs if owners take time to socialize and train them. In June 2022, a leading dog trainer also warned that Belgian Malinois could be banned if irresponsible breeding and inexperienced ownership continues.

But Doodles take the number one slot. “A lot of them are crazy, crazy hyper, can't sit still for two seconds and we've had some really aggressive ones as well,” she says. She also says they're prone to ear infections and are expensive to groom. “I'd rather have a hound dog.” she concludes.

The video sparked a debate in the comments with some saying they loved seeing a vet with a Basset Hound. 

“Doodle owners fighting for their lives in the comments over their mutt,” laughed one. “I have a Pug and he's perfect,” said another, with more than 22,500 responses so far!

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