Why does my cat follow me everywhere? Including the bathroom?

Why does my cat follow me
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If you're a cat owner, you've probably asked this question: why does my cat follow me everywhere? No matter how many of the best cat toys they buy, apartment owners may still feel like their cat is always under their feet or up on their counter or peering around the shower curtain while they're washing their hair. If you have a house, perhaps you feel like no matter what room you're in, your cat will eventually turn up. 

There's a reason why your cat follows you everywhere - even the bathroom, and we're going to get into it. Many behaviorists and vets have weighed in on why cats follow their owners everywhere, so there is plenty of information as to why you have a cat-shaped shadow. While in many cases it's indicative of normal feline behavior, in some cases it may be that your cat is exhibiting separation anxiety. Don't fret, we'll outline all the reasons why your cat follows you everywhere below.

Let's get into it. 

Is it normal for a cat to follow you everywhere?

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It's normal for your cat to follow you from room-to-room, especially if they are particularly affectionate. Veterinarian Dr. Wailani Sung writes for Vet Street that "some cats may follow us around, because they like our companionship, while others may be following us for specific reasons - or even a combination of the two." You could have a cat follower because it's close to their feeding time, or simply because your cat is curious about what you're up to. 

Dr. Sung also suggests that your cat is following you to get your attention, so while it is normal for you cat to follow you, if your cat seems to be obsessively following you all of a sudden, you may want want to make sure they aren't suffering rom separation anxiety. 

Do cats have a favorite person?

Cats do tend to favor one person, no matter how much you socialize them when they're young. Cats are a very communicative breed and tend to favorite the person who they feel they communicate well with. Whether that means it's a person who respects their boundaries, gives them the right kind of rubs, or offers them treats, cats do pick favorites. 

Why does my cat follow me everywhere? Including the bathroom?

Like we mentioned above, in most cases it's normal for your cat to follow you everywhere and is a sign of their curiosity, affection, or neediness. But some professionals believe that there are specific reasons for why your cat follows you to specific places, like the bathroom for instance. 

Inverse asked scientists why cats follow you to the bathroom, and Mikel Delgado, a cat researcher at UC Davis, had a few ideas: "There might be various reasons cats like to join people in the bathroom. Their litter box might be in there, so it could be a room that smells very familiar. Cats also probably know that when we are on the toilet, we are a captive audience — nowadays we are so busy and distracted that many cats are probably looking for an opportunity to have our undivided attention!"

But it may also be that cats enjoy the "cool, smooth surface of sinks and tiles" or may be very curious about the running water. 

While some people may think that cats follow them to the bathroom in order to guard their owners while they're in a  vulnerable position, there's little evidence to prove that theory.

Cats are curious and affectionate creatures who love attention, so in many cases your cat is following you just to cash in on some treats or pets. If you find that your cat has suddenly become very needy, a vet visit may be in order, but otherwise your cat is likely following you around to see what the heck you're up to - yes, even in the bathroom. 

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