Can dogs eat pineapple?

Dogs eat pineapple
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With so many other fruits safe for dogs to enjoy, you might have often found yourself wondering… can dogs eat pineapple?

Choosing healthy dog treats can be tough – is it nutritional? Will it help keep my pet’s teeth clean? Will my dog’s coat and skin benefit from it? There are so many things to consider!

But, when it comes to asking ‘What human food can dogs eat?’, you might be surprised by the answer as to whether this tangy, sweet yet tart tropical fruit is perfect for your canines to sink their teeth into.

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So, now that you’ve sourced the Best dog food for your pooch, let’s explore whether pineapple would be a suitable snack. 

Is pineapple good for dogs?

Yes, it is! Raw pineapple makes for a refreshing and healthy dog treat, providing that it is given in moderation. 

Packed full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C and B6, iron, and a small amount of calcium, small chunks of pineapple can help maintain your dog’s digestive health and immune system. 

The fleshy part of the pineapple – found in between the spiky skin and the tough central core – is the safest part for your dog when cut into small, manageable chunks.

When is pineapple bad for dogs?

Although it may sound like the ultimate superfood, pineapple is quite high in fibre and natural sugars, which can have an adverse effect on your pooch’s digestive system. It’s important to keep an eye on them if they’re trying it for the first time, by looking out for any signs of an upset stomach or if they have diarrhea. 

Chunks of raw pineapple can be the perfect snack. However, if all you have at home is canned or dried pineapple, be sure to leave it in the cupboard. That’s because canned pineapple is swimming in syrup and dried pineapple has a higher sugar content, which will be way too much for your dog’s digestive system to handle.

A pineapple’s high acid content also has the potential to damage a dog’s tooth enamel and even speed up tooth decay.

Tips on feeding your dog pineapple

If your pooch is tired of the best dog treats found at your local pet store, then pineapple can be a good substitute. When it comes to homemade dog treats, there are plenty of recipes available but here’s a few quick suggestions on how to serve this juicy snack:

  • Suggestion 1 – The best way to serve raw pineapple is in small, bite-sized chunks.
  • Suggestion 2 – On a hot day, frozen pineapple chunks are a fabulous frosty treat.
  • Suggestion 3 – Another way of making a cool tropical treat is to puree the pineapple and freeze it in an ice cube tray. 

Although pineapple is not dangerous or toxic to dogs, it’s crucial to observe your pooch if they’re experiencing this tropical fruit for the first time. All being well, your canine will benefit from this delicious and nutritious snack, provided that it is given in moderation. 

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