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No doubt you spoil your cat with treats and cuddles - but what about cat clothing? There's an array of cat sweaters, coats, and vests out there to choose from - and they range from the adorable to the practical. Below are our top picks for your feline friend. 

Top pick

Cat in clothing

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Thundershirt Classic Cat Anxiety Jacket

Calming clothes for your cat companion

We all need a helping hand sometimes - even the coolest of cats get freaked out, whether that’s on a trip to the vets or groomers when visitors come over, or during fireworks. The Thundershirt is designed with a calming wrap that applies gentle pressure to make your cat feel comforted. And you can rest assured that the patented design is vet-recommended. This anxiety jacket has a snug fit for comfort, with durable fabric that won’t collect cat hair. And speaking of cat hair – it’s machine washable.

Best cat recovery suit

Cat in clothing

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Coppthinktu Cat Recovery Suit

An attractive alternative to the cone of shame

This attractive recovery suit is specially designed for cats who have just been spayed/neutered, or undergone other surgeries, to prevent them from licking their wounds and getting secondary damage. The suit is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large. It’s made with a soft fabric that’s breathable and lightweight and designed to absorb moisture for ultimate comfort while your brave cat recovers. It has an opening at the rear that allows your cat to use their litter tray with ease, and its Velcro design makes it easy to put on and take off.

Best novelty cat clothing

Cat dressed up as rabbit

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Bro'Bear Plush Rabbit Outfit with Hood & Bunny Ears

A fun option for forgiving cats

Let’s be honest – this rabbit outfit, complete with hood, bunny ears, and fluffy rim, is not the most practical outfit for your cat, but it will provide endless fun for owners. However, some previous buyers have said their cat actually finds the outfit warm and snuggly – which is a win-win for both owners and cats. It’s easy to get on and off your cat, thanks to easy-to-use buttons, and is machine washable – which means you can put it on your cat again and again, much to their delight!

Best for warmth

Cat in clothing

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Keep it simple with this classic design

This classic grey cardigan design is just irresistible. Complete with rib-knit edging and buttons, it’s designed to cover your cat’s entire back for a snugly, warm finish for the colder months. The cardigan has a light-weight finish that won’t leave your cat feeling weighed down, so you can rest assured they should still be able to bounce around while also looking super stylish.  Perfect for colder weather, or after your cat has had a haircut and you want to avoid them getting cold and getting pesky loose hairs everywhere.

Best for hairless cats

Cat in clothing

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DENTRUN Hairless Cats Shirt

A comfortable option for cats without their own hair

The skin of hairless cats can become very sensitive. With breathable cotton, this easy-to-wear shirt is perfect for Sphynx cats and provides a comfortable, warming solution in colder months. And, let’s face it, it’s adorable. It’s also designed to fit the curved shape of cats, for ultimate comfort, and is easy to put on and take off, which is especially helpful for cats who are a bit hesitant to clothes at first. 

Best Halloween cat clothing

cat in costume

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Lianzimau Cat Vampire Halloween Costume

A scary option for brave cat owners

Who knew a vampire outfit could be so adorable? This one is made of a stretch satin-printed fabric and is soft, breathable, and comfortable for your cat to wear. Whether it’s Halloween or just a quiet Tuesday, this is the perfect scary costume for cats. It’s easy to put on and take off and has elastic fabric and a comfortable neckband for your cat – who probably won’t forgive you for a while for dressing them in this.

How to choose the best cat clothing

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Cat clothing can be needed for many reasons, not just to keep your cat warm through the colder months. Our top pick is the Thundershirt Anxiety Jacket - a great way to help relax cats who get easily stressed. If your cat is recovering from surgery then the Coppthinktu recovery suit is a much more stylish and less cumbersome replacement for the cone of doom.  We also recommend the lightweight but snuggly Expawlorer sweater which is perfect for dealing with less clement weather.

Sometimes, it’s not so much a need for cat clothing as a desire to make them look even cuter – or scarier. That’s why we recommend the Lianzimau cat vampire costume. Whether serious or frivolous – it’s not only human fashion that’s worth taking seriously.


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