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Like any pet parent, you most likely love it when your pooch is looking picture-perfect, and getting that way starts with a good groom. Whether you’re after a self-cleaning slicker that takes care of all that fur for you, or a glove that helps you tackle those hard to groom places like your dog’s face and tail, we’ve found you the best brushes to get your canine looking camera-ready.

Top pick

Dog brush

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Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The gold standard in grooming

This self-cleaning slicker is strong on knots and tangles but gentle on your dog. Get rid of matted and loose hair with the fine bent wire bristles that are designed to penetrate deep into your pooch’s coat without scratching their skin. 


  • Good for all fur types
  • Easy to clean


  • Careful while retracting

The brush grooms and massages, leaving your dog feeling and looking great, and it’s a breeze to clean too. When you’re done, simply click the button, and the bristles will retract back into the brush allowing you to grab the hair and dispose of it. This brush gives a comfortable groom for you and your pet, with an anti-slip handle to prevent hand and wrist strain. Be careful while retracting the bristles because too much p[ressure will cause the button to break and cause the brush to remain in its retracted position.

Best value

Dog grooming set

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Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Set

The ultimate all-round grooming experience

This brush set comes with a free stainless-steel comb and nail clippers. The brush does a fantastic job of removing knots, dander, and loose hair, and the retractable bristles allow hair to fall off easily when you’ve finished grooming. 


  • Includes nail clippers
  • Self-cleaning brush


  • Hard to lock into place

With a rubberized ergonomic handle for an ultra-comfortable grip, this is a great brush if your dog requires a marathon brushing session. The stainless-steel comb does a perfect job of finishing and fluffing, and the nail clippers round out the grooming experience, keeping your dog’s nails tidy. It does take some muscle to get the bristles to lock into place rather than remain retracted.

Best grooming glove

Dog brush

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DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove

Give your dog a massage and remove loose hair at the same time

Show your furkid some love while you brush them. The 255 silicone grooming tips of this groomer mimic the touch of your hand giving your dog a soft and relaxing massage that removes loose hair at the same time. 


  • Use simple petting motion
  • Easy to clean
  • Bristles aren't sharp


  • Not the best for short-haired dogs

Perfect for all breeds of dog, the shedding hair sticks to the glove where it can then be peeled off and discarded. The five-finger design allows you to groom all those places a brush may struggle, such as the face and tail. The one-size-fits-all design features an adjustable wrist strap and can be used on both dry and wet hair. While it will do an okay job for dogs with short hair, these grooming gloves are much more effective when used with long-haired ones.

Best rotatable brush

Dog brush

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Glendan Dog Brush

360-degree rotation for maximum flexibility

This massaging brush is great for increasing blood circulation and stimulating the natural oils in your dog’s skin for a shinier and healthier-looking coat.


  • Groom and massage
  • Rotating brush head
  • Anti-slip handle


  • No for all fur types

Suitable for most dog breeds - especially those with long or curly fur - this brush features comfortable bristles and ventilation holes that allow the pins to flex and contour to your dog’s body. With an anti-slip handle for maximum comfort and the choice of two colors and sizes, this brush gets the grooming job done. With three different rotation modes, this brush allows you to comfortably groom your dog from head to toe and from every angle.

Best bath brush

Dog brush

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Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush

Give your dog’s coat that salon shine

If your dog isn’t a fan of hitting the bath, they will be soon thanks to the massaging bristles on this brush. The soft rubber tips gently but effectively scrub away dirt, dead skin, and loose fur, leaving your canine’s coat looking silky and shiny. 


  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Works well with matted fur


  • Not good for dry brushing

Gentler than metal bristle brushes, this is a great choice for dogs with sensitive skin and it gives a deeper clean than shampoo alone. The split ends of the rubber teeth remove hair without tugging It can be used on wet or dry hair, but it isn't as good with dry hair because the bristles are a little to slick and don't catch the tanges as well.

How to choose the best dog brush

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When grooming your dog, choosing a brush that’s strong on stubborn knots, mats, and tangles while being gentle on your furkid’s skin is the way to go. That’s why our top pick goes to the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush with bent wire bristles that are designed to penetrate deep into your dog’s coat to remove dirt and dead hair without scratching the skin.

If you’re looking to make bath time a little more fun, then the Bodhi Dog New Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush has soft rubber tips that give a great massage while still doing a great job of scrubbing away dead skin and loose fur.

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