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Best dog brushes: Keep your dog’s mane looking marvellous

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German shepherd puppy being brushed with the best dog brushes
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Investing in one of the best dog brushes will help you keep your pup's mane healthy, shiny and soft, and with so many great options to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the perfect one for your dog's breed and hair type. 

One of the biggest advantages of keeping a brush in your at-home dog grooming kit is it saves on pricey trips to a professional groomer and allows you to regularly maintain your pup's coat, preventing painful knots and tangles. It also means less hair all over your floors, furniture and clothes, limiting the amount of cleaning you need to do.

As with all pet accessories, there are a lot of dog brushes on the market, so you might be wondering which one is best suited to your forever friend. Picking the right brush will make for a much more comfortable and effective grooming session, both for you and your dog, so here's a few tips to help guide you.

Slicker brushes are packed with fine wire bristles are really useful for dealing with tangles and knots in dogs with longer hair. They also penetrate deep down into the undercoat, meaning they're ideal for thick or wiry fur. Pin brushes have wide spaced bristles that are less harsh against the skin but because they're spaced out a lot more, they're best for dogs that don't shed a lot or those with fine and silky hair. Bristle brushes make a good all-round tool for short coats and rubber is good on most coat types.

Your own comfort also comes into play when selecting a brush as you want something that's easy to hold and feels comfortable in the hand - especially if your dog requires a lot of grooming and you're going to be gripping it for long periods of time. Look for an ergonomic and non-slip handle as these will allow you to get a good hold on the brush and will prevent wrist strain. 

Whether you have a long-haired or short-haired dog or a pup with a thick or fine coat, you'll find the perfect grooming tool to suit every need in our guide to the best dog brushes.

PetsRadar’s pick of the best dog brushes

  • Best overall dog brush: Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush
  • Best detangling dog brush: Hertzko Soft Pet Brush 
  • Best glove dog brush: Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove 
  • Best dog brush for fine hair: Shiny Pet Dog Comb 
  • Best dog brush for bathing: ROPO Dog Grooming Brush 
  • Best smoothing dog brush: Pet Teezer DeShedding Dog Grooming Brush

Pet Neat Grooming Brush

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Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Best overall dog brush

Brush Type: Comb | Dog hair type: All | Material: Stainless steel

Removes dead hair
Safety blade
Suitable for all hair types
Not as effective on super thick/long hair 

If you’re lucky enough to have a dog that doesn’t shed, then you can skip to the next product, but we absolutely love this Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush, which is designed to thin out your dog’s thick coat. It is the ultimate dog brush for getting rid of extra hair on your dog, so if your pooch is one that malts and leaves hair everywhere, then this comb will put an end to your cleaning, as it removes any dead hair and helps with de-shedding your dog’s mane. It has a stainless-steel comb and also has a covered-up blade that works to gently remove excess hair from your dog’s coat.

It has an easy-grip handle, which makes it easy to glide over the skin (as long as your dog doesn’t wriggle too much), and it is nice and comfortable for your pet when in use – some will even enjoy it! This dog brush will leave your pooch looking smooth and silky, removing 95% of dead hair in under 10 minutes of use.

Pet owners have said that this dog brush is particularly good on topcoats, but not always as effective on the undercoat, so if your dog is a little sensitive on their belly, be sure to use this brush gently on the undercoat.

Hertzko Soft Pet Brush

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Hertzko Soft Pet Brush

Best de-tangling dog brush

Brush Type: Tangle teezer | Dog hair type: Long and short | Material: Plastic

Removes loose undercoat
De-tangles knots
Soft on skin
Fragile teeth
Difficult to clean

This tangle brush is designed to keep your dog’s coat silky and smooth. Whether they have long or short hair, a day of running around and playing can leave their fur matted if not properly groomed. The Hertzko Soft Pet Brush has flexible plastic bristles that make it easy to comb through even the knottiest parts of your dog's coat, and is gentle on the undercoat. Some pet owners have said that the teeth in this dog brush are a little fragile, so go careful when brushing very knotty hairs in order not to pinch the skin.

Whether your dog likes being groomed or not, this brush will give them a good pampering, as the rounded ends of the bristles work to massage the skin and increase blood flow. You can even use this brush on the face and paws, as it’s very gentle. The long handle will make it easy to groom your pet, and the teeth are extra long, which works extremely well for longer-haired dogs.

You can use this brush before or after washing, whether your dog’s hair is wet or dry. The only slightly annoying thing is that some users have said it’s difficult to clean, especially if your dog sheds a lot, but overall pet owners love how soft, fluffy and well-kept this dog brush leaves their pooches. It even helps get rid of dirt and debris too, so they stay clean and healthy.

Pat Your Pet grooming gloves

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Pat Your Pet Five Finger Grooming Glove

Best glove dog brush

Brush Type: Glove | Dog hair type: All | Material: Rubber

Universal fit
Feels good for your pet
De-tangles knots
Not the best on long hair

Make grooming time easier with this pair of gloves that works as a dog brush. You can turn grooming into petting, and your dog may even sit still for five minutes when you use these gloves. The gloves are made from rubber and have soft bristles that can de-tangle fur, get rid of matting, and help you sweep up loose hair from around the home.

These gloves are a great way to get in extra hugs with your pooch while tidying up their coat at the same time. With both gloves, you can easily reach those more sensitive areas, such as the belly, face, and paws, and you can groom them in half the time!

The gloves are one-size-fits-all, with an adjustable strap to tighten them, so every member of the family can have a go at grooming your fur baby. Owners have reported that these gloves remove tons of hair on some dogs but not so much on others, so this really depends on their fur type. However, what’s best about this dog brush is that dogs seem to love it. They’ll get a gentle massage at the same time as getting rid of any old hair in their coat.

This is one of the best dog brushes for larger dogs, as the gloves make it easier to handle your pet and ensure that you don’t miss any spots during grooming.

Shiny Pet Dog Comb

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Shiny Pet Dog Comb

Best dog brush for fine hair

Brush Type: Comb | Dog hair type: Fine, short | Material: Rubber, metal

Anti-scratch teeth
Ergonomic handle
Massages the skin
Not very effective on short hair

This is a simple comb that works to gently remove any tangles in your dog’s hair. This style of dog brush works on much finer, longer dog hair, and can break up knots and get rid of any dirt or debris in the coat.

The comb has gentle teeth with rounded ends that won't pull on the hair or skin, but instead will remove loose hair without tugging too hard. If you find that larger brushes don't work for your dog’s matted fur, then a smaller comb like this one could help on tougher knots.

Overall this comb makes a great addition to any doggy grooming kit – not only does it smooth out the hair, but it massages the skin too, boosting circulation and helping to keep your pooch happy and healthy. If it’s your first time grooming your pet, then you’re in luck because this dog brush comes with a DIY guide to grooming your dog in the best way possible, and shows you how to get the most out of this comb.

Though this comb is designed for larger breeds of dog, you could use this comb on any breed with any type of fur if you need to target particularly stubborn areas, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to glide it through the hair. If you’re still struggling, you could always use some conditioner and brush through your dog’s coat with this comb, and can even trim their hair when it gets too long.

ROPO dog grooming brush

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ROPO Dog Grooming Brush

Best dog brush for bathing

Brush Type: Wet brush | Dog hair type: Short hair | Material: Rubber

Soft and flexible
Easy-grip handle
Compact design
Not effective on dry hair
Not the best on long hair

Giving your pup a scrub in the tub has never been easier than with this wet dog brush that helps de-tangle and clean fur. Made from TRP rubber, this dog brush is soft, flexible, and durable for use during bath time. The brush comes with an adjustable handle, which makes it easy to grip and groom your dog with. It's also compact and portable, so you can groom your dog’s hair wherever you are.

This dog brush is designed for use when bathing and shampooing your dog, so it doesn’t really do much on dry hair. Short-haired dogs will get the most benefit out of it, but due to the small rubber teeth, pet owners have found that it isn’t as effective on long-haired dogs.

You can use this dog brush with shampoo or conditioner to help smooth out any tangles or knots, leaving your pup’s hair silky smooth and rid of any excess dead hair. If you’re looking to give your dog the full salon finish, then this brush is ideal for keeping their fur looking fine, plus it doubles up as a nice little massage for your pooch, making bath time more enjoyable!

Pet Teezer

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Pet Teezer DeShedding Dog Grooming Brush

Best smoothing dog brush

Brush Type: Tangle Teezer | Dog hair type: All | Material: Plastic

Use on wet or dry hair
Removes excess hair
Easy to clean
Teeth can be a little rough

The Pet Teezer is brought to you by the Tangle Teezer brand, and if you know it, then you’ll know how good these products are at getting knots out of hair. This dog brush is ideal for wet or dry hair. It will leave your dog’s coat feeling beautifully soft and your pooch looking like they’ve just walked out of the salon.

Some pet owners have found that this brush is not as effective on shorter-haired dogs, but it really does the trick for long-haired dogs who are prone to build-up of excess hair and matting. The plastic bristles are designed to be soft on the skin, but if you have a very furry or knotty-haired dog, then always be sure to brush gently, especially in areas near the face and paws, to ensure that you don’t pull on the skin. 

For dogs with a thick mane, the Pet Teezer is the doggy brush you need in your bag at all times, and it’s compact and convenient, so you can always carry it with you. This dog brush will keep them looking the part, even when they come running off the beach all windswept and covered in dirt.

Best dog brushes: HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

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HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Best self-cleaning dog brush

Brush type: Slicker | Dog hair type: All | Material: Plastic

Whether you're wanting to remove loose hair, dirt and dander or eliminate tangles and knots, the ever-popular HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush does it all. And even better? It works on all breeds with any coat type, so it's perfect for multi-pet households.

The fine wire bristles penetrate deep into your dog's fur, grooming both the top and undercoats beautifully while still being gentle enough not to scratch your dog's skin. The bristles are also designed to massage while you brush, stimulating blood flow and natural oils to leave your pet's coat soft and shiny.

And if you think your dog will be the only one benefiting from this affordable and effective brush we have good news because HERTZKO have factored pet parents into their design too!

This strong and durable slicker brush is strong and durable with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle which prevents hand and wrist strain. It's also incredibly easy to clean, simply click the button to retract the bristles back into the brush after use and the hair comes loose for easy removal. 

Choosing the best dog brush

The dog brush you choose depends on your pooch’s hair type. So consider their needs and what you’d like the brush to do. If you want to give your dog a salon blow-dry, then you’ll want to opt for a wet and dry brush, but if you’re looking to tackle matting and knots, then a comb or teezer brush will get the job done nicely.

Most of the best dog brushes will work to remove excess hair and any shedding, so that your dog stays happy, healthy, and looking dogtastic!

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