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Dog wearing a muzzle
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A dog muzzle is a device to stop your dog from biting itself, other dogs, or even humans until you can train them out of this behavior. Whatever the reason behind the decision to muzzle your dog you will need to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your dog. A good muzzle should at the very least be the right size and a comfortable fit for your pet pooch. Here we have put together a selection of the best dog muzzles we can find on the market.

Top pick

Dog wearing a muzzle

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Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

A rubber muzzle design that can be shaped for a custom fit

Every dog breed is different, which means you need a muzzle that suits your dog's snout. The Baskerville offers six different styles based on various dog breeds. Each one is based on a rubber basket design that gives all-around mouth protection. A bonus is that the rubber can be heated and shaped to give a personalized tailored fit for your dog. This allows for easy eating, drinking, and breathing. And, for a secure and comfortable fit its neck and head straps are fully adjustable.

Best soft muzzle

Dog wearing a muzzle

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Gentle Muzzle Guard

Soft padding and adjustable straps give a comfortable fit for your pet pooch

Keeping your dog comfortable when wearing a muzzle is important in keeping them happy. The Gentle Muzzle comes in four different sizes and boasts soft neoprene padding which helps eliminate chafing and hotspots on your dog’s snout. The muzzle also has adjustable straps to ensure that you can get the best fit for your dog. You can connect the muzzle to your dog's collar to make it more secure. Or you can use the included bonus collar for added support. Note that this muzzle is not suitable for short-nosed dogs.

Quick easy fit

Dogs wearing muzzles

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Downtown Pet Supply Quick Fit Dog Muzzle

A secure, soft, comfortable, and humane dog muzzle

This quick fit muzzle is easy and quick to put on and offers a comfortable fit thanks to its elongated shape and puff-cotton lining. It is available in nine different sizes that range from size zero for small dog snouts right up to 5XL for snouts up 13.5 inches in circumference. The snug shape is made from a strong nylon fabric, and is machine washable and tumble dryer friendly. A strong nylon adjustable strap means that you can get the exact fit for your furry friend.

Breathable mesh design

Dog wearing a muzzle

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Crazy Felix Nylon Dog Muzzle

Safe, strong, and durable nylon mesh dog muzzle

When using a muzzle a quick and easy-to-fit option like this one is a real bonus. You don’t want to be wrestling with your pet pooch to get their muzzle on. The Crazy Felix has a simple breathable nylon mesh design that boasts reinforced Nylon stitching to enhance its durability. A single ergonomically designed safety strap ensures the muzzle will remain securely in place.

Best budget buy

Dog muzzle

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Proguard Softie Dog Muzzle

A simple design made from strong durable fabric

The Proguard Softie Dog Muzzle is a simple design that combines patented Dupont fabric with a mesh making it easy to slip on and off, and comfortable for your dog. There is a single adjustable strap to make sure it's stable and secure. You can get it in a wide variety of sizes starting with zzzz-s for small breeds going up to the Giant option for big dogs. Its design means that it has the benefits of a cage muzzle but allows your dog to breath as normal.

Best for pitbulls

Dog wearing a muzzle

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BRONZEDOG Dog Muzzle Pitbull Metal Mask

A metal-cage muzzle specially designed for pitbulls

If you own a pitbull and need a strong and safe muzzle for your favorite furry friend then this offering from BronzedDog is a top choice. It has a basket-style muzzle made of durable stainless steel and soft padding to make for a comfortable fit for your dog. There are four adjusting straps to make sure that the muzzle is snug and safe. The design of the muzzle means that your pitbull gets plenty of air and plenty of room for nose licking, drinking, and snacking.

What is the best muzzle for your dog?

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and so do their snouts, so there is no simple one-size-fits-all when looking for a dog muzzle. When it comes to choosing a muzzle for your furry friend getting the right size is crucial and then you need to consider the style. Do you want something that is soft and secure? Or is your dog a little more aggressive and needs something stronger.

Our top pick is the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle which is available in six different sizes and has a rubber muzzle design that can be shaped for a custom fit. This makes it ideal for most dog breeds. The BRONZEDOG Dog Muzzle Pitbull Metal Mask is similar in style to the basket but is specially tailored for pitbulls. So, if you have a pitbull or similar breed, this is the choice for you.

The alternative to the basket style is fabric muzzles. Typically they offer more comfort for your pet pooch and the Gentle Muzzle Guard is no exception with its soft neoprene padding and bonus collar for added support. The Downtown Pet Supply Quick Fit Dog Muzzle is easy to put on and take off and fits completely around your dog's snout, but with plenty of padding to keep them happy. If looking for a more open mesh style muzzle then the Crazy Felix Nylon Dog Muzzle is a great choice.


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