Pet owners are going wild for this clever IKEA pet bed range

IKEA pet bed
(Image credit: IKEA)

If you're looking for a clever and multi-functional approach to the humble pet bed, then IKEA has got you covered.

Many pet owners have been getting crafty when it comes to their pet's abode by turning the DUKTIG doll bed, intended for children to play with, into a place for their furry friends to rest their paws on.

From cats to rabbits, small dogs to our scaly reptilian friends, many pets have been snapped on social media tucked up in the tiny IKEA beds and nestled under the checked blanket, including these adorable little kittens posted by @kenzhadley and this sweet little rabbit captured by @Lythero enjoying their new favorite lounge spot.  

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Yet, while many pet owners have been fawning over this unofficial craze, IKEA themselves have an official line of pet products called LURVIG which brings together the brand's unique approach to DIY with all the necessities you could ever wish for, for your pet's comfort and style.

This includes the LURVIG pet bed frame, a mini me version of your own bed, which can sit effortlessly in any room thanks to its clean white design and brilliant functionality.

IKEA pet bed

(Image credit: IKEA)

Developed with the assistance of trained veterinarian Dr Barbara Schäfer, this handy hideout can be used in two different ways. You can build it to be a cozy nook for your furkid with medium-high walls and by adding the corresponding LURVIG cushion or put it upside down to give your pet a clear view in all directions. The bed is intended to be stylishly optimized with various mattress options to suit their personality, without being completely humanized.

Plenty of pet owners have been showing off their new pet bed over on TikTok, with doggy influencer @Papo spotted enjoying their very own crib.

You can pick up your own over on the IKEA website.


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