Abandoned dog found tied to a pole gets a starring role in The Nutcracker and a new home

abandoned dog gets starring role in The Nutcracker
(Image credit: Southwest Virginia Ballet)

When Luna, an abandoned dog, was discovered in late November of this year malnourished and tied to a pole in a Virginia park, her future was looking less than promising. 

Animal control took her to a local animal shelter, called Angels of Assisi, to be cared for but vets were shocked by her condition as soon as they set eyes on her.

“We don’t know how anyone could leave her, especially in this horrific condition," the animal shelter explained on their Facebook page. "She is extremely malnourished and has Lyme disease that has started to affect her kidney function. She is in critical condition and is touch and go.”

They continued to say that they “will do everything we can to help her heal.”

As the weeks went on, despite the bleakness for her (potentially non-existent) future, Luna continued to prove that she was a survivor.

On December 6, Angels of Assisi shared on their Facebook page how Luna seemed to have regained the “sparkle of hope in her eyes”.

And, after weeks of treatment including IV fluids and antibiotics, Luna found herself taking center stage following an invite by the producers of Southwest Virginia Ballet to appear in several of their productions of The Nutcracker at the Berglund Center.

Wearing her festive vest, Luna pleased the crowd every time she appeared.

“Everybody in the ballet has been so wonderful to her”, Lisa O’Neill from the animal shelter explained to WSLS, after the production showered her with lots of affection, love, and (of course) treats.

Since then, Luna has finally been able to move in with a loving new foster home where she will continue to receive the treatment she so desperately needs to become healthy again.

Chloe Petrylak

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