Watch: ‘Diva dog’ Alfie the Staffy has dramatic reaction when his dinner is served late

Alfie the dog
(Image credit: TikTok / @alfieandayra)

We’ve all experienced that ‘hangry’ feeling when our meals are not ready, and Alfie the dog is no different. This sassy two-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier expects his dinner on time and not a minute late! 

In fact, his diva demands and antics often leave his owner, Lizzie Colden, ‘crying with laughter’. It all begins when Lizzie forgets to feed Alfie on time, causing him to ‘dramatically’ claw and bang at his food bowl at a high speed to let her know he’s hungry. 

“Alfie’s very dramatic. He’s a massive diva,” shares Lizzie, “This happens when I don’t feed him exactly on time. 'He's getting up to mischief all the time. In the videos, I'm crying laughing at him.”


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Lizzie also claims the Staffy has a completely different temperament to her calmer dog Ayra, who she considers his ‘angel’ sister.

Alfie’s hilarious videos have been shared on TikTok with the caption: ‘'When you're a sassy dog and you want mummy to fill you and your sister's food bowl, NOT your water bowl.' 

It’s no surprise this has amused his 15,800 followers, with fans sharing how funny Alfie’s demands are.

One commenter stated that her “ribs are hurting” because she was laughing too much, while another said that Alfie had made their day. Another commenter simply said, 'Me when I'm hangry.’ 

In any case, we’re sure that ‘hangry’ Alfie will be keeping owner on her toes at dinnertimes!

Cynthia Lawrence

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