Are Cane Corsos good family dogs? Toddler growing up with 125-pound buddy says yes!

Drax the Cane Corso and his human brother in a playpen
(Image credit: @drax_the_corso/Instagram)

‘Are Cane Corsos good family dogs?’ is a common question amongst pet parents-to-be who are wanting to welcome one of these affectionate canine’s into their family. And as adorable footage of a toddler growing up with his 125-pound best friend proves, the answer is a resounding yes!

Tired of all the negative stereotypes surrounding Cane Corsos, a Colorado-based woman who is the proud mama to Drax, a Cane Corso, and a toddler son, has been sharing footage across her social media platforms of the deep bond that has developed between the two.

“We got Drax when he was about eight-weeks-old,” she explains “and then we found out that I was pregnant as well. As my belly grew, he was just always right there…he was always very gentle with me.”

When her son was born, the woman explains that they let Drax observe him from afar and focused heavily on early socialization to ensure their son was safe with Drax. “We would have a little playpen with our son in it and Drax would always be on the outside of it just watching him. Drax just loved soaking in this little baby.”

From the moment his human baby brother was born, Drax never left his side, lying right at his feet and always keeping an eye on him to make sure he was okay. Once his buddy began walking, the brothers became even more inseparable and now spend their days adventuring together.

Here’s a look at some of this adorable duo’s sweetest moments…

Don't worry about bathing him mom, I've got it covered


♬ original sound - Jennifer Rose

Being a new mom is tiring, so there's nothing better than someone stepping in and offering to take some of those daily tasks off your hands. Which is exactly what Drax thought he'd do when he set about giving his baby brother a little wash behind the ears. 

Supervising playtime



In those early days, Drax was always the first one to step up and offer to supervise his brothers play sessions to make sure he stayed safe while having fun. 

Watching the world go by


♬ Look Out The Window - Tatum Talks

Drax and his little buddy were more than a little bored during lockdown last year, so they took to hanging out at the window and people watching together to wile away those long hours. 

Downward facing dog


♬ My Best Friend - paravi 💖🌻🦋✨

Drax was more than happy to join in on all the fun as his little brother learned how to crawl, stretching it out to show him how it's done.

Water babies


♬ My Best Friend theme song - Laura Mouse

There's nothing more fun than being outside in the sunshine and splashing about in water and that's exactly how these two besties passed their time last summer. Drax was keen to keep his fluids up in the heat by gulping water straight from the hose, which gave his little brother quite a giggle. 

Neighborhood watch


♬ Oo De Lally (From "Robin Hood") - Geek Music

The window partners strike again in this adorable compilation that shows all the times the two have stood side by side to keep watch over the comings and goings on their street.

School's in session


♬ Happiest Year - Jaymes Young

One thing these responsible pet parents take super seriously is teaching their young son how to properly engage with Drax, including showing him how to pet his canine big brother and reminding him to be gentle. 

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