Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog thinks Christmas tree is talking to her

Bernese Mountain Dog thinks Christmas tree is talking to her
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Even a block of ice in Antartica would struggle not to melt watching this super sweet video of a Bernese Mountain Dog who thinks her Christmas tree is talking to her. 

In a clip uploaded to TikTok that has already amassed over half a million views and tens of thousands of likes, two-year-old Daisy can be seen sat in front of the family Christmas tree tilting her head from side to side as she listens to the voice springing out from the branches wishing her a Merry Christmas.

The video, captioned with the words “Daisy thinks the Christmas tree is talking but it’s my husband talking through the Ring," has been melting hearts around the world with netizens falling in love with the adorably confused pup.

One TikToker wrote: "she's like "whaaattt trees can talk and I'm just finding out now?!" while another chimed in with: "Our Berner would be running for the hills."


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While everyone agrees that Daisy's reaction to her Dad talking to her through the tree is quite possibly the cutest thing they've ever seen, it's her confused head tilted that has people feeling all the feels.

"I love her head tilt she thinks the tree is really talking," wrote one user, while another added: "Beautiful and that head tilt is adorable." 

We're not sure if Daisy ever figured out that it was her Dad talking to her and not Santa, but viewers don't seem to care, with the clip having brightened up more than one person's week.

"I never knew that I needed this in my life! Your dog is so cute!" one TikToker commented, with another writing: "ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS 🥰🥰🥰"

One things for sure, this video certainly captures the joy and mystery of Christmas - here's hoping we see more of Daisy and her magical Christmas tree as we count down to the big day!

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