Blind dog finds his way around the house with the help of his ‘seeing eye’ feline friend

blaze the blind dog and satin the cat
(Image credit: Instagram / robinwagner8)

A blind dog who is guided around the home by the purrs of his ‘seeing eye’ cat has become an Internet sensation.

The heartwarming clip was posted on TikTok under owner, Robin Wagner0. With the caption, ‘Blaze and his “seeing eye cat” Satin’, we see the blind dog being directed around the house by his feline friend. 

It is here that Robin shares how vocal Satin became as she would often get ‘run over’ by the pooch. So she would make little noises to let Blaze know where she was and whenever he would get too close to furniture or a wall. 

The touching clip also shows Blaze and Satin lying on a bed, and appearing to hold hands. 'Blaze going blind wasn't just an adjustment for us, our cat Satin had to learn to navigate this challenge too,' Robin explains in the clip.

 ‘Now, she gives a little meow to let him know where she is. As you can see, their relationship has only grown stronger.’ 


Hooray for inter-species relationships!

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It’s not surprising that the touching clip quickly went viral, garnering more than 582,000 views in a matter of days. It's clear that Blaze and Satin’s touching friendship warned the hearts of many. 

They even have their own Instagram under Robin, documenting their many adventures.

Owner Robin adopted the German Shepherd and Greyhound mix in 2019, naming him Blaze. The shelter had told her the pooch was born blind in his right eye, and needed corrective surgery to the left. However, the surgery was unsuccessful and Blaze sadly lost his sight in both eyes in 2020. 

Despite everything, this hasn’t stopped him from living his best life with a little help from his feline friend!

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