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Can dogs eat tomatoes?

can dogs eat tomatoes
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Have you ever wondered, “Can dogs eat tomatoes?” Probably not – that would be a strange thing to wonder about such a specific food item, and there are far more enticing treats you can give to your best friend, but it always pays to know what human foods dogs can eat.

But as it happens, we have an answer for you. The short answer is yes, dogs can eat tomatoes. Although parts of them are poisonous for your dog – those aren’t the parts a dog is likely to eat. 

Small traces of a poison called solanine are contained within the green parts of the tomato, like the vine and stalk. If consumed in large quantities then issues can potentially be posed, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and an unusual heart rate. 

Since, like we said, the problem parts of the tomato are contained mainly within the green bits, this is probably only a potential issue if you happen to grow tomatoes in your garden, and your dog has ready access to them. Probably best to keep an eye out when they’re out and about!

As for the rest of the tomato, in all honesty this isn’t too much of an issue. Indeed, tomato pomace is an ingredient that is found in many types of dog food, and it’s generally regarded that cooked tomatoes are probably safe to give to dogs in small amounts.

However, foods containing tomatoes that have likely been heavily processed, such as soups and sauces, probably aren’t the healthiest option for dogs due to the amount of salt they contain. Moreover, watch out for signs that your dog might be allergic to them - in the worst cases this can manifest in anaphylaxis, which can potentially be fatal. Be sure to read up on four common allergies in dogs for more info.

So in short, maybe don’t feed them huge amounts of tomatoes – and certainly watch out for the green bits – although it probably isn’t the end of the world if they eat some of the red bits. Keep an eye out for any adverse reactions though, and as always, call the vets if you’re concerned.

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