Can dogs eat carrots? Find out if they're safe to chomp on

dogs eat carrots
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Famous for being the superfood that supposedly helps humans see in the dark, we’d love to know: can dogs eat carrots? Perhaps more importantly, do they help them to see in the dark, too?

Since we may never actually know the answer to the latter question, nothing can beat giving your dog a healthy diet filled with the best dog food and making sure that you are choosing healthy dog treats for your beloved pooch. 

If you often find yourself wondering, ‘what human food can dogs eat?’, read on as we discover whether dogs can eat carrots.

Are carrots good for dogs?

Absolutely! Carrots make for the perfect low-calorie snack. High in fiber and beta carotene (a pigment that converts to vitamin A, which helps to maintain good vision and eye health), these crunchy veggies are also great for your canine’s, well... canines!

Their tough yet chewable texture helps remove any leftover pieces of food from your pooch’s teeth and gums, as well as clearing plaque from the surface of their teeth. Of course, carrots shouldn’t replace a regular dental hygiene routine. 

Carrots are also a great source of vitamin B6, which helps with your dog’s metabolism. Even the carrot’s leafy green tops are safe for your furry friend to chomp on.

When are carrots bad for dogs?

Like all other human foods, it’s always best to treat your dog to carrots in absolute moderation. Even though they might not taste like it to us, carrots are still quite high in natural sugar, and too much of it (even the natural kind) can lead to health problems, such as weight gain.

As a result of their high sugar content, even though dog’s aren’t often at high risk, there is the possibility that the addition of carrots to their diet could cause cavities and dental decay if paired with too many high-sugar treats.

Tips on feeding your dog carrots

If your pooch is getting bored of the best dog treats you collect from your local pet store,  carrots can be a good substitute. There are plenty of recipes you can make for your canine when it comes to homemade dog treats, but here are a few quick suggestions that include this delicious snack:

Suggestion 1 – Chop them into reasonable chunks to be served raw or cooked (steamed not boiled) but, not too small as you wouldn’t want them to choke. 

Suggestion 2 – Frozen carrots make for a great edible chew toy alternative.

Suggestion 3 – Why not treat them to a whole carrot? This way, they can chew through it and really give their teeth and gums the benefit (just be sure to watch them until they’re finished).

Can dogs eat carrots: Summary

Although there is yet to be any conclusive evidence into whether carrot-chomping dogs can see better in the dark, it’s certainly an interesting notion. Either way, carrots can provide your pooch with a wealth of benefits, as well as being quite a tasty treat. 

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