Can dogs eat apples?

Dogs eat apples
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Given the chance, many pooches will eat anything they can get their teeth into but can dogs eat apples? 

Ensuring that your beloved canine is given the best dog food available, as well as choosing healthy dog treats for them, should surely be enough to suppress their desire to eat anything else, right? Wrong!

Dogs are incredibly inquisitive beings and will often give you their “puppy dog” eyes when you’re eating your own food. So much so, that you’ll probably be left wondering: “What human food can dogs eat?”.

Well, the good news is that apples are one of them! 

Are apples good for dogs?

Yes! From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, all breeds of dog (puppy or adult) can eat any variety of apple – including the skin! 

Apples make fantastic low calorie snacks and are high in fibre as well as being an excellent source of vitamin A and C, as well as important carbohydrates. With that said, they should be given to your pooch in moderation and never as a full meal since they are lacking in fatty acids and protein – nutrients that are required to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Another benefit is that the apple skins help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and the fruit’s water content can also help wash away any sugar or decaying material from your canine’s mouth, resulting in fresher breath too. 

When are apples bad for dogs?

Despite the health benefits, it becomes a different story if they eat the apple’s core and/or the seeds. 

Apple cores can be a choking hazard since they are a lot tougher to chew compared to the rest of the fruit’s flesh and can get easily lodged in a dog’s throat.

Also, if apple seeds are chewed or broken when ingested, it can release a small amount of cyanide – a chemical that can be harmful to dogs.  

Should your pooch eat a large amount of apple seeds or consume small amounts over a long period of time, it’s important to look out for dilated pupils, brick-red coloured mucus membranes, panting, shock, and difficulty breathing. 

Tips on feeding your dog apples

If your canine is getting bored of the best dog treats you get from the pet store then apple slices can make a good substitute. There’s plenty of recipes for homemade dog treats but here’s a few quick suggestions that include this delicious snack:

Suggestion 1 – Freeze slices of apple to give your dog a refreshing, icy treat on a hot day.

Suggestion 2 – Smash apple slices into a homemade applesauce, which will be free from added sugar.

Suggestion 3 – Chop into bite-sized chunks and mix in with your dog’s food for a sweet surprise.

However you choose to feed your dog apple, it’s always important to remember to remove the core and the seeds, and always supervise them whilst they’re eating it should they get it stuck and need your help. 

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