Cane Corso that acts like a panther has netizens captivated with his cat-like movements

Cane Corso that acts like a panther emerging from water
(Image credit: @___Narcos___/TikTok)

A Cane Corso that acts like a panther has been leaving netizens around the world spellbound in a series of Instagram and TikTok videos that show just how eerily similar this pup is to one of the biggest and wildest of cats.

Narcos lives in Paris with his owners who regularly share footage of the massive mutt with his fans, who now total well over three million in number. While at first glance he may look like any other Cane Corso, watch how he moves and you’ll soon be doing a double take.

Because while Narcos is a dog, his movements closely resemble that of a panther and the striking similarities between the two is leaving people captivated.

In a recent clip uploaded just to TikTok a few days ago, Narcos is seen slowly emerging from the water after a swim, moving with the same grace that you’d expect to see from a big cat.


♬ nhạc nền - 𝘿𝙆𝙖𝙬𝙣ッ

“This dog is so beautiful it's unbelievable,” commented one user, with another adding “You are such a majestic beauty Narcos your coat is so black & shining, like a sky with no moon just stars. You're gorgeous.”

Another video, this time posted to Instagram, shows Narcos making slow and dramatic movements as he paces through the house, accompanied by the caption “Miaoooooo”, again referencing the likeness to that of a panther.

It appears Cane Corso enthusiasts can’t get enough of Narcos, with one of his most recent videos in which his owners highlight (in a rather spooky way!) just how closely he resembles the big, black cat, garnering a whopping 6.6 million views.


♬ original sound - 🖤 KANCHAN 🖤

“I think my soul left my body just by looking at it,” says one user. A sentiment shared by another netizen who chimed in with “omg, same.”

Part panther or not, as Narcos’ fan base continues to grow, one thing is clear: it appears we can’t get enough of this canine that looks like a cat. 

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