Cat crawls inside couch and is dug out by canine companions in sweet viral video

Cat crawls inside couch and two dogs dig a hole in it!
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It’s not every day that a cat crawls inside couch, gets completely stuck and has to be dug out by their two canine companions, but that’s exactly what happened the other day in a comical and sweet video that was shared on Reddit.

Upvoted 3,500 times since it was posted seven days ago, the short clip opens with two dogs sitting comfortably on a couch, with one looking intently into a very large hole that’s been dug in the middle of one of the couch cushions.

While it initially looks like the two dogs have been getting up to a whole load of mischief that’s bound to get them in trouble, it soon turns out that nothing could be further from the truth.

As the footage moves from the dog to what has caught his attention in the hole, we’re greeted with two eyes wide as saucers looking up from the bottom of the couch and soon realize that the hole was dug by two heroic dogs attempting to rescue their trapped feline friend.

the_cat_got_inside_the_sofa_but_they_dug_a_hole from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

The gray cat peers up from beneath the couch springs and torn foam, seemingly unaware of the huge amounts of damage their little adventure has caused. Captioned with “The cat got inside the sofa, but they dug a hole so that it could get out. Respect for offering a helping paw.” 

And respect is exactly what Reddit users have been dishing out to the unassuming heroes with one user saying “Hashtag Heroes” and another chiming in with “Paw Patrol.”

Others had an even more comical take on the incident with one person hilariously writing “The cat just wants to get away and have some alone time. Dogs think cat is trapped. Disaster could have been avoided if only the cat and dogs had proper communication.”

That set off a further flurry of comments with another relationship expert adding their thoughts to the  mix. “I (3Feline) am struggling to get some space from my roommates (2Dog and 4Dog) but they follow me EVERYWHERE. I even tried hiding from them in the couch, but they showed up to “save” me. How do I get some alone time without hurting their feelings?

If you haven’t already checked out the clip, we highly recommend it - it’s the paw-fect mix of funny and sweet and is a lovely reminder (not that you probably need it!) of just how wonderful our furry friends really are. 

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