Cat gets tucked into bed in this almost unbearably cute video

cat gets tucked into bed
(Image credit: TikTok / @cowlashes)

We’ve definitely all been guilty of spoiling our cats at times – not that we’d consider it spoiling, of course. We’re just treating them in the manner they deserve, and the way in which they’ve become accustomed to.

TikTok user @cowlashes (Camm_brii) definitely seems to live by this mantra, with her video of her tucking her cat into bed becoming the latest viral sensation, pulling in an incredible 34.8 million views at the last count.

While the cat in question, Pishy, looks a bit reluctant to be tucked into a human bed at first, the utter lack of resistance (or movement) thereafter suggests that she actually rather likes it. The words ‘loving life’ have never been more apt.


She stays in bed like this alllll night ;) her name is Pishy (pee-she)

♬ Great Mother In The Sky - Lionmilk

Camm_brii captioned the image, ‘She stays in bed like this alllll night. Her name is Pishy (pee-she).’ We can’t blame her – it looks incredibly comfortable.

Judging by the reactions of other TikTok users, they share this opinion of Pishy’s lifestyle, with one user noting, ‘God has favorites and it's this cat.’

Another said, ‘The way you can hear her purring at the end. She's so cute!’

One more contributed, ‘Not to be dramatic but I would die for Pishy.’ They’re probably not the only one, judging by the amount of views this video has. 

The other videos on Camm_brii’s profile have a similar theme, with Pishy seeming to live the best lifestyle possible. There’s a lot of love for her cat here, which we can only get behind.

Sure, cat beds are all very well and good, but sometimes only a human one will do the trick. We understand that many prefer to keep the two separate, and understandably so, but this cat clearly loves being let in on the human-sized sleeping zones.

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