Cat knocks dog off chair in hilarious viral video

Cat knocks dog off chair
(Image credit: @originalspin/Twitter)

In the space of a few hours ‘cat knocks dog off chair’ has become one of the most popular search phrases entered into Google and the minute you watch the video, you’ll quickly see why!

It may only be nine seconds long, but the footage of one ticked of tabby cat knocking her doggy sister off her chair is bound to leave you with tears rolling down your face.

The dramatic fight starts when the Shiba Inu named Aiko joins her aloof feline friend at their dining room table, pulling up a chair and attempting to launch herself in the kitties direction. 

Aiko is seen play biting the seriously unamused cat who tolerates her for a few seconds before lifting up a paw and swiping her. Aiko goes to retreat but instead of simply sitting down, she pushes back from the table causing her to tip her chair over and fall to the floor.

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The hilarious incident unfolds in almost comical slow motion in the clip captioned by Aiko’s owner Jeff Yang as ‘Not my dog’s best moment.’ He follows up with an additional bit of commentary, saying "There is this moment where Aiko looks wildly around and has a sudden revelation in her furry brain about the laws of physics that's absolutely classic."

Posted on July 30, the clip has quickly gone viral, with more than 350,000 views and hundreds of comments with journalist Aisha Sultan writing ‘Karma is a cat’ and MunchkinMom1 added ‘this made me giggle uncontrollably’.

But perhaps the most endearing part of the whole clip is how quickly the look on the tabby’s face turns from ticked off to one of concern as she catches the alarmed look on Aiko’s face.

Kirito Blxck stated: "I love how as soon as the dog falls the cat has that look of "dude you ok?!"

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