How pampered is your pet? Take the spoiled pet test and find out!

spoiled pet test
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If you've ever wondered how pampered your pet is, then social media has devised the ultimate spoiled pet test to uncover the truth.

Pet owners are frequently looking for wild and wacky ways to show how spoiled their pet is without saying it over on TikTok, but have never found a fool proof way of proving it. However, the latest pet challenge is sure to get tongues (or should we say tails?) wagging!

The gauntlet was thrown down by pup star Kali the Colli Lab who questioned "How high do you score in this spoiled pet test?" in a video that has since been seen over 4 million times. 

The quiz consists of ten simple questions each designed to challenge aspects of everyday life with your dog. To officially take part, you can either choose to use the duet function of TikTok so it looks as if you're sharing a screen with Kali, or simply share your result in the comments section.

Many TikTokers have been participating in their droves, with a few challenging a couple of the questions.

"I feel like allowed on couch or bed is not spoiled," wrote @viper72822 

"I got zero. We just hang out with our animals and spend too much time with them, " commented @endertherat. "We don't take them on trips or anything." 

Fancy giving it a go? If you don't have TikTok or you'd prefer to take part outside of the platform, we've posted the test below so you can still participate and share it with your friends to find out which pooch is most pampered in your group! 


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How pampered is your pet? Take the spoiled pet test

To take the spoiled pet test simply answer the questions below on behalf of your pet with a yes or a no response and add up the total out of ten. The higher the score, the more spoiled your pet is. 

1. You're allowed on the couch or bed
2. The humans give you food off their plate
3. You have a toy box
4. You sleep on your humans' bed with them at night
5. You've had professional photos taken
6. You get birthday/ Christmas presents
7. Humans greet you first before they greet other humans
8. You go on vacation with your humans
9. You have your own social media account
10. You have your own clothes/accessories 

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