6 funniest things caught on pet cams

Funniest things caught on pet cams - Husky dog taking a selfie
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It’s true what they say, laughter really is the best medicine, and with our roundup of the funniest things caught on pet cams, we guarantee you’ll be getting a serious dose of just that.

Pet cameras have continued to grow in popularity as owners look for ways to keep an eye on their precious furkids when they’re out of the house. Not only do these nifty devices let you converse with your kitty or canine, they’re a great way of monitoring the mischief they get up to when they’re left to their own devices. 

And as our top picks of the funniest things caught on pet cams reveal - there’s plenty of that going on! So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your socks off because these video clips are too good to miss.

1. Fridge frenzy

Radio host Adam Montiel had no idea how his 12-year-old Labrador Retriever Allie kept getting into the fridge and freezer, so he hooked up a pet camera to find out. 

"We taught Allie to open a drawer where Allie's toys were, we didn't even think that the freezer itself is a big giant drawer...with food!.  But how she opened the doors with her mouth, and at the hinges was incredible to us.”

Watch as Allie calmly and happily goes about ransacking the contents of the family fridge, tossing food on the floor before getting bored and heading back to the living room where she no doubt took a well-deserved nap!

2. Bedtime boogie

We’re not sure what’s funnier - the crazy dog rolling excitedly all over the bed or the cat sat watching him looking utterly unimpressed. Keep watching to the end when the feline turns feisty and lets him know exactly what she thinks of him!

3. Partners in crime

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our feline furkids and canine companions teaming up to wreak havoc. And in this video, it’s the mother of all great escapes as one crafty black cat helps her fellow four-legged friend escape from his kitchen jail cell.

4. Intervention interrupted

You’ll have tears of laughter in your eyes as you watch Mercy, the one-year-old German Shepherd, get scolded by her owner for destroying the Christmas ornaments. And if you found that funny, keep watching - it gets even more hilarious when Ling-Ling the cat decides to get in on the action.

5. Brotherly mischief

What do you do when you can’t stand your sibling? Well, as this Godfather of the feline world demonstrates, you simply take them out - by whatever means necessary!

6. Climbing the walls

Ace the Golden Retriever isn’t about to let a little thing like heights get in the way of him spending quality time with his Dad, so when he spies him working away on the roof, he climbs the ladder to join him. 

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