Cat with resting grumpy face has netizens in stitches

Blake the cat with resting grumpy face
(Image credit: @Paige.evanss/TikTok)

A cat with resting grumpy face is delighting the Internet with his hilariously demanding ways in a clip that has gone viral across several social media platforms in recent days.

In the 13 second video filmed by his owner Paige Evans, doll-faced Persian cat Blake can be seen sitting on a coffee table looking at the camera when he suddenly realizes that a jar of cat treats is on the shelf below him.

As Blake reaches down to get a closer look, he taps the jar several times before looking back up at his owner with the caption ‘give me TREATS!!!’ positioned below his expectant face.

The clip, which was first posted back in May 2020, has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent days after it was re-shared on Reddit where it has already been upvoted more than 29,000 times.


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And while it may be an oldie, it’s proving to still be a goodie second time around with netizens sharing how much seeing Blake's grumpy face makes them smile. One user wrote, “I am not a cat person but this is just adorable,” while another chimed in with “OMG he’s sooooooooooo beautiful !!!!! Wow.”

But perhaps what’s got many people talking is the striking resemblance that Blake shares to comedian Jim Gaffigan. In fact, it’s come up so many times that it prompted a response from Gaffigan himself who said "I've only been told I look like this cat by 4 people. Come on Twitter."

The video of Blake has prompted an avalanche of comments demanding more of the hilarious kitty with one super fan pleading "Please please please more videos of Blake. It's addictive. We need more content!"

Evans has been only too happy to oblige Blake’s fans, sharing plenty of videos of him over on TikTok and on her Instagram account where he regularly features alongside his brothers, Logan and Harley.

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