Cat's sweet goodbye to dying dog leaves netizens in tears

Bunny the cat says goodbye to dying dog
(Image credit: TikTok / @ekkykay)

While it's never easy losing a beloved pet for us humans, spare a thought for our furry companions. Bunny the cat has gone viral for her tender goodbye to her family's dog, leaving many netizens tearful.

In the emotional video, seen 3.5 million times over on TikTok channel @ekkykay, the sweet cat can be seen waiting patiently at the door for her owner Erica to allow her to enter.

"This morning we prepared to lose my boy," the caption reads. "My beloved dog who means the entire world to me."

Sharing in her owner's grief, the adorable kitty then jumps on the bed to greet her canine companion who has been brought home to allow his friend to say her goodbyes.

In a tear-jerking moment Bunny then begins to nuzzle at her friend's head, almost as if she is providing comfort to him in his moment of need, while Erica can be heard crying off-camera. 


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"Our hearts and souls are broken and bruised," she writes. "We miss the heart of this home so much."

It's clear netizens were moved by the tender moment, with many commenting in their droves about the tragic circumstances.

"This is so beautiful yet heart wrenching. My heart goes out to you. So sorry for your loss," Jenne Lawrence wrote.

"What a lovely reunion. My heart... such a beautiful bond," dog owner hereal_spanasian expressed. 

Many others simply wrote that they were sobbing at the sight of the pair's sweet relationship and offered their prayers to the family.

"Poor Bunny! Imagine being her and not being able to talk to a single soul about this sadness," wrote user JR. 

While it's often suggested that cats are aloof animals who don't have the same emotional attachment to their owners or other pets as dogs do, in actual fact cats show emotion in a different way making it more difficult to spot signs of distress or determine happiness in our feline friends. 

Posture, body language, and the noises can all change depending on their mood and emotions, and it's particularly important to keep an eye on their behavior as cats can be secretive when they are sick and require veterinary care.

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