Cat-hating dog becomes best friends with blind cat and it's too sweet

cat hating dog makes friends with blind cat
(Image credit: Instagram / @brunotheblindkitty)

Self-confessed dog person, Kelsey, never expected to adopt a cat when she was working at an animal shelter, but one such feline convinced her otherwise.

Bruno was diagnosed medically blind and was being treated at the animal shelter’s hospital. Unfortunately, Bruno had medical issues and suspected Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and unlike his siblings, had not found his forever home. 

Kelsey liked to “office foster” while she was working at the shelter, and when she found Bruno meowing at her, she decided he could come keep her company while she was at the office.

“He kind of lived in my office with me and would sleep across my shoulders as I was working. I knew that he was just like the funnest little cat because he was always in a good mood and loved everybody who came to see him,” Kelsey recalls.

After their office love affair Kelsey decided to adopt little Bruno, but there was one problem - her pup of nine years, Ed, who historically hates cats.

Kelsey decided to slowly introduce them to each other. Within a week, Kelsey said, “they were playing with each other and absolute best friends”.


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“I always say, Ed is my dog and Bruno is Ed’s cat,” Kelsey jokes. 

While Bruno might be blind, Kelsey and her fiance think he can see “something”, just not very well. He loves to run, but is always running into things but will shake it off and keep going – there is no stopping this kitty from playtime!

“I really don’t know how he hunts. I guess it has something to do with his sense of hearing because he can catch a fly out of mid-air. And then we will play with his cat wand and he will be like a foot off and completely miss, so… [laughs],” Kelsey explains. 

“I’ve never considered myself a cat person. I’ve worked at animal shelters for a decade and I love cats but I truly did not know that cats could have such a special bond with people, but Bruno and I are like two peas in a pod.”


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Unfortunately, Kelsey adopted Bruno with the knowledge that he was sick and could pass away at any moment.

“Whenever he got to that point where I thought we were gonna lose him, everything changed and I fought so hard to find resources and medications and things that would cure him.”

But with Kelsey’s expert mom skills, Bruno is doing great and is super healthy. The only side effects from his on-going treatment is his extreme appetite – but most cat owners could tell her this might not just be the drugs! – and he’s gained a few pounds. 

Watch the full story of Bruno below: