Fancy seeing your dog on a pumpkin? A pet treats company is offering just that!

full moon dog on a pumpkin
(Image credit: Full Moon)

Drawing a dog on a pumpkin sounds easy enough, right? Well it is if you have a little help from a custom made stencil!

Every year, thousands of people around the world carve pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. The most traditional pattern is that of a face with a crooked smile but what if you wanted to pay homage to your favorite pet instead?

To get this year’s Trick of Treating off to a spook-tacular start, Full Moon Pet - a family business founded in 2011 that specialises in healthy and nutritious, USDA-approved dog treats that use 100% natural and human-grade ingredients - are offering 100 lucky winners the chance to receive a custom made stencil of their canine’s face along with some Full Moon tasty treats.

Owners can use the stencil to help carve their pooches face into the pumpkin itself or to paint it on the outside (which is especially good if you don’t fancy getting pumpkin flesh all over your hands!).

full moon offers pet owners chance to put their dog on a pumpkin

(Image credit: Full Moon)

The company launched their first ever Full Moon Pup-O’-Lantern Sweepstakes on 21 September over on their Instagram page.

All participants have to do is share a picture of their beloved pooch using the hashtags #FullMoonPetPumpkin and #Sweepstakes, and tag @FullMoonPet in it to be entered into the draw, which closes on 27 September.

As well as winning the personalised, one-of-a-kind custom stencil of your four legged friend, you’ll also receive a 12 oz. pack of Full Moon Chicken Jerky and a 14 oz. pack of Full Moon Organic Beef Jerky. 

Full T&C’s can be found on the Full Moon Pet Instagram page. 

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