Dog set on fire in heartbreaking attack by vicious thugs dies from her injuries

Before and after photo of Lucky the dog set on fire in attack
(Image credit: GoFundMe)

A woman in County Durham, England has just gone through every pet parent's worst nightmare after her dog was set on fire in a terrifying attack by vicious thugs.

Angela Clennell says her beloved Cocker Spaniel, Lucky, was snatched from her garden at around 10pm after two men used a bin to climb over her fence. Her other dog, Sandy, managed to escape before being captured.

The men then doused Lucky with petrol and set her alight before leaving her for dead. She was later found alive and badly burned 10 miles from her home, with Clennell describing her as unrecognizable.

With a burnt pink nose, blistered ear, red eye and ulcers in her mouth and throat, Lucky had sustained burns to 50% of her body. It was originally hoped that emergency treatment may be able to save her but it was later decided that Lucky’s injuries were too severe.

Writing on a GoFundMe page she had set up to fund Lucky’s treatment, Clennell said: ‘Unfortunately, due to the extent of Lucky’s injuries, well over 50% burns to her body, with treatment that she would probably not survive she has had to be put to sleep as all we are doing is prolonging her agony.”

Clennell went on to assure the public that Lucky went peacefully. “As you are probably aware, burns get worse as time goes on and Lucky looked horrendous today but at least she is at peace now.”

Described by Clennell as a really placid dog who was always happy and wagging her tail, she says she can’t get over the fact that not only is her beloved canine companion gone, but that she died the way she did. 

“The vet said it was the worst case he had seen and he’s a specialist on skin burns. It has just absolutely devastated me and I’m so angry. It’s just horrific.” She’s now calling for justice for Lucky and hopes the men who killed her will be caught and prosecuted. 

Police are describing Lucky’s death as a targeted attack that was the result of an ongoing dispute.

‘We are confident there is no wider threat to other dogs in our community and it is not linked to the theft of dogs for purposes of breeding or sale,’ says detective inspector Daniel Peacock.

‘Our investigation into this horrific incident is ongoing and we would appreciate anyone who may have seen something to come forward and speak to us. 

‘We understand how impactive incidents like this are and are asking for information from our communities to assist the investigation and bring the offenders to justice.’

One thing that has brought Clennell comfort this past week is the outpouring of support from the public, who gave generously to the tune of almost £10,000 pounds to help cover Lucky’s vet fees.

“I would like to thank everyone for their donations and words of support. Please bear with me and I will arrange for the funds to be dispersed back.”

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