Hero dog stops baby from climbing stairs

dog stops baby from climbing stairs
(Image credit: Twitter / Danny Deraney)

Anyone who has been a parent at some point will know that the absence of eyes in the back of your head can be a real hindrance; watch as this clever dog stops a baby from climbing the stairs, taking it upon itself to make sure the child doesn't come to any harm. 

In the video, shared by Twitter user Danny Deraney, the gentle Great Dane puppy can be seen positioning himself in front of the family stairwell as the baby looks to climb up. 

Every time the child makes an attempt to crawl up the stairs, however, the ultimate super dog nanny gently blocks their path with a raised paw to ensure there are no unfortunate accidents.

Eventually, having realised that attempting to get past this dog is a futile gesture, the baby turns tail and crawls away. Not content that its work has been done, the devoted dog then follows to make sure their ward doesn’t get into any more mischief, confirming once again just how brilliant and caring dogs can be.

While we don’t know the origins behind the video, and whether or not the dog is trained in some manner as a care dog or something similar, it’s impossible not to have your heart warmed by its actions. And while we wouldn’t necessarily recommend using this video as justification for placing your own faithful companion in the role of babysitter, it sure is lovely to witness.

Judging by the numerous positive comments that this video has received, we’re not the only ones to have our hearts warmed. At the time of writing the video has over 11,300 views, and the number is only going to rise. It just goes to show: dogs really are the best.

Steve Wright

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