Watch: Dogs try to make friends with the cat and her reaction is hilarious

Dogs try to make friends with the cat
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It’s the age-old question: can cats and dogs co-exist in a peaceful manner? Sparks can fly from either direction if and when the situation gets heated, but occasionally you get one party that very much wants to be the peacemakers - inevitably with varying degrees of success.

In this instance, these two Beagles are clearly desperate to be friends with the cat that they share a living space with. But try as they might, she just isn’t having it.

In this video, posted on Reddit by user @lysergic_818, the two can be seen approaching her – although clearly they’re a bit nervous to get too close. Cat claws can be pretty sharp, after all. 

they_want_to_be_friends_with_the_cat_so_badly_cat from r/aww

While the cat isn’t hissing or growling at them, it also isn’t giving anything away on the diplomacy front. Looks like the two dogs have their work cut out.

According to the post’s author: “They want to be friends with the cat so badly. Cat pretends not to like them… Two sisters. 4 months old. Lily and Poppy. Bitey little things. Sharp puppy teeth.”

Saying this, we don’t get to see whether the dogs’ teeth are sharp or not, as they are not getting to close to the cat. With this information, however, maybe the cat is right to be wary!

Regardless, it’s clear that the majority of the replies to this post sympathize with the dogs.

“Doggies are so pure,” posted one Reddit user. 

“Cat: your supplications are duly noted and I will let you know of my decision at my leisure,” said another.

Whatever the verdict is, it’s clear that the first footsteps of friendship have been taken by Lily and Poppy. Whether the cat chooses to respond is another matter entirely, but we remain hopeful that a peaceful outcome will be reached.

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