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Dying dog enjoys snow one last time thanks to the local ice center

dying dog enjoys snow
(Image credit: Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation)

What lengths would you go to when it comes to your dog's last days? One couple from Salt Lake City in Utah, US, wanted to give their 10-year-old Saint Bernard/Newfoundland Maggie - who was sadly dying from bone cancer - a final day filled with the things she loves the most. 

Maggie, who would have turned 11 this December, absolutely loved winter - it was her favorite season. 

That’s what made Eli Saltzgaber and Marianna Wilson take to their local Facebook pages in search of available snow machines.

And, to their surprise, they received hundreds of responses - some even offered to help shred blocks of ice to make snow! 

That was until the facility director who worked at their local ice center, Salt Lake Country Ice Center, got in touch with the perfect solution: to use snow straight from their snow machine!

During Maggie’s final weekend on Earth, the couple treated her to a fun yet relaxing camping trip. 

The following Monday morning, before the sun rose, they made their way to the ice center to find that the snow had already been shoveled and piled outside just for Maggie - it even had a sign saying that it was just for her. 

Once they got the snow back to the house, Maggie found the pile of white stuff slightly confusing at first. 

“When she felt that it was cold, that was when she lay down and where she stayed for the rest of the morning”, said Saltzgaber. 

Maggie, who had been extremely restless as a result of the pain her cancer was causing her, even felt relaxed enough on the snow to fall asleep.

Following her day in the show, Maggie’s owners reported that she passed away peacefully at a veterinary hospice called Lap of Love. 

Chloe Petrylak

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