Elderly dog melts hearts by learning to use stairs

elderly dog using stairs
(Image credit: Reddit / @Shizaitseliza)

As we grow older, our everyday things become a lot tougher to do - not that this elderly dog is going to let her age stop her!

A video clip that was recently shared by Reddit user Shizaitseliza, showed how an elderly dog was learning to use stairs. 

This heart-warming video was paired with a caption that read: “My mom’s 16 y/o dog (Weeble) cannot jump on/off her bed anymore, so I’m teaching her to use these new stairs. She is a good doggo and I love her very much.”

my_moms_16_yo_dog_weeble_cannot_jump_onoff_her from r/aww

Tentative at first, Weeble soon seems to understand that the stairs were safe - and the treats that were being placed there were super tasty, too!

“Learning new tricks and skills enriches an older dog’s life, prevents boredom, and gives owners a way to interact with a veteran canine companion in a fun and stimulating way [and,] in this instance, also helping them maintain their crucial loving bond… through close, physical contact”, explained Carolyn Menteith, a dog trainer and behaviourist for Agria Pet Insurance.

The 52-second video has since been upvoted more than 68,000 times and attracted over 700 comments after being posted on 27 November.

Some of the responses from Reddit users included one from Sweet-Lady-H, which was the top-voted response at the time of writing, which read: “Such a good girl!!! And so nice of you to make their lives a little better.”

The original poster responded to the comment by explaining that she’s “working on other ways to make my mom’s house more friendly for an aging Weeble”, so it’s not just the owner’s bed that the pooch will be able to keep enjoying.

Do you let your dog sleep on the bed at night?

According to the American Kennel Club, “there are many benefits to co-sleeping with your dog, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.”

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